If you want to be part of Urbanity Dance, click on what interests you! 


Work-study opportunity

Urbanity offers a work-study exchange program. Participants receive free dance training in return for completing administrative work shifts for a minimum of 3 months. This program is available for our Adult Program students. Learn more. 


Join our brigade of volunteers! Volunteers help with performances, special events and other sundry needs. In exchange, we comp you tickets and classes! Learn more. 


Internship - undergraduates, graduate students, or recent grads

Urbanity has multiple internships available each season. Undergraduates, graduate students, or recent grads interested in pursuing careers in Arts Management are encouraged to apply. Interns will play an active role in the continued growth and evolution of Urbanity, building their resume while making a difference in the contemporary dance scene. For more information, or to apply, visit our internship page.

Internship - high school students

Urbanity offers two positions for high school students during the summer months focused in Arts Administration and Dance Education. Students gain experience in what it takes to run a nonprofit arts organization and assist with an array of projects in and outside the classroom. Learn more.