Urbanity Dance Internships

Undergraduate and Graduate students interested in pursuing careers in Arts Administration are encouraged to apply. Interns will play an active, direct, hands on role in the continued growth and evolution of this new dance company. Internships are unpaid.

As an Urbanity Dance Intern, you will:

  • Combine artistry, passion, and growth
  • Be a part of a team on the brink of something new
  • Receive on-the-job training
  • Work alongside professional staff both independently and collaboratively
  • Gain hands-on experience in arts administration
  • Immerse yourself in a creative environment

Interns receive:

  • Complimentary dance classes
  • Tickets to performances
  • An eye-opening and sometimes life-changing experience about what happens behind the scenes of a quickly accelerating nonprofit dance organization.

To apply:

Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis. Please view individual internships below to see current deadlines and open positions.

While all interns become familiar with each of our three pillars, there are 8 specific internship opportunities available. When applying, please specify in your cover letter the internship you would like to apply for.  

Please email a resume and cover letter to associated emails below. If interested in more than one internship, please indicate on the cover letter. Please check each internship description for any additional lists of application requirements.


Interior Design/Facilities Internship - Open for Spring 2018

  • Contact: Betsi Graves, Founder and Artistic Director, betsi@urbanitydance.org
  • Projects may include:
    • Re-designing Urbanity’s exterior and interior studios and spaces to create a welcoming, safe space that inspires dance and movement
    • Assisting contractors with various facilities projects
    • Working on organizational projects to create more functional space usage

Solid skills in: architectural and/or interior design, ability to translate ideas into sketches, willingness to shadow contractors, able to physically move large objects, space organization and management, working both independently and collaboratively, applying an organization’s mission to it’s physical space

Who Believes:  making public spaces visually appealing and functional, creating spaces that inspire artists and dancers, as well as fosters empathy, compassion and respect


Education Internship - Open for Spring 2018

  • Contact: Casey Kemp, Education Coordinator, casey@urbanitydance.org
  • Projects may include:
    • Expanding our financial aid program, providing assistance and registering families who are unable to afford the cost of dance classes
    • Taking an active role in helping administratively: registering students, answering inquiries, and serving as a friendly face of the organization
    • Auditing attendance for both Youth and Adult programs to ensure make up policies are effective  and reports are consistent
    • Compose, schedule and distribute school wide communications

Solid skills in: Google suit and Excel, customer service

Amazing at: communicating verbally to groups of people; working with people; radiating light and love

Who Believes: dance is a powerful tool for healing and bringing people together; dance is for all; dance can save lives and heal communities


Company Intern - Open for Spring 2018

  • Contact: Cayley Christoforou, Artistic Operations Manager, cayley@urbanitydance.org
  • Projects may include:
    • Manage inquiries from teaching artist
    • Event/Production development and management
    • Assist in planning company performances and working with other staff members
    • Organizing and managing costumes for company performances
    • Managing/Organizing Contracts
    • Assist in planning Urbanity' summer intensive

Amazing at: Organization and working quickly yet effectively. Working in a team environment. Multi-tasking. Writing and communication. Adaptable and flexible. Building personal relationships and providing customer oriented service. Interacting with wide range of patrons, professionals, and audience members.

Who Loves: Arts administration and creative thinking, passion for dance and performing arts.


Media & Marketing  Internship - Open for Spring 2018

  • Contact: Urbanity Dance Staff, ask@urbanitydance.org
  • Projects may include:
    • Aiding in Creating/managing communications strategies for all three pillars of Urbanity Dance (Company, School, Community) including quarterly inbound plans, publicity calendars, evaluating data, identifying target audiences, online and print advertising purchases, etc.
    • Content production for press releases; tracking coverage; and conducting media research
    • Content production for eblasts and newsletters
    • Contributing to social media content, online and print advertisements, and printed collateral
    • Growing our audience through social media, events, and other engagement opportunities
    • Cataloging/archiving photo, video, press, and promotional materials
    • ensuring brand consistency and connectivity across all channels
    • developing inventive or experimental marketing campaigns
    • Helping to create/design media across all platforms 

Amazing at: writing, editing, and research; web applications and social media platforms; articulating ideas; graphic design, photo, or video skills highly desired. Advertising, communications or marketing campaign experience and/or arts administration experience a plus. 

Who Loves: storytelling in all forms; quirky work days; the performing arts - an interest in dance a plus; going above and beyond; connecting people; chocolate; coffee

Additional Application Materials: : Please send your resume and cover letter to Urbanity Dance Staff, ask@urbanitydance.org. Please be prepared to discuss your ideas on what the future of Urbanity's marketing & communications activities might look like (feel free to be wild and inventive!). Applicants should include links to online portfolio, video reel, or send recent related projects or writing samples (blog post, social media campaign, class assignment, research paper) for consideration


Fundraising/Grants: Development Internship - Open for Spring 2018

  • Contact: Marco Paulo Carneiro, Director of Operations, marco@urbanitydance.org 
  • Projects may include: 
    • Research and catalogue grants and foundation opportunities
    • Assist the full Urbanity team in writing grants that seem appropriate
    • Work with management team, staff and Board, to develop 1 and 3 year strategy for grant-writing and foundations

Amazing at: going on Google scavenger hunts, being an Internet sleuth, research, writing, treading uncharted territory

Who Loves: working independently, having a clearly defined independent project, having something tangible to present at the end of an internship, leaving a legacy, making an impact


Fundraising/Individuals: Development Internship - Open for Spring 2018

  • Contact: Marco Paulo Carneiro, Director of Operations, marco@urbanitydance.org 
  • Projects may include: 
    • Database organization through Salesforce, mailing list, making sure things are moved over and checking for accuracy 
    • Learning about Active and MindBody student programming software
    • Learning about nonprofit budget and financial management through Quickbooks

Interested in: learning more about arts management, non-profit management and/or arts administration

Who Loves: analytics, spreadsheets, statistics/data, details, multiple choice tests better than essay tests


Community/Education Internship - Open for Spring 2018

  • Contact: Lea D'Arminio, Interim Director of Education, lea@urbanitydance.org 
  • Projects may include: 
    • Coordinating, assisting, and engaging the participants of our Dance With Parkinson’s and Movement Mends community outreach programs
    • Jumping behind-the-scenes and helping administratively: registering students, answering inquiries, and serving as a friendly face of the organization
    • Expanding our financial aid program, providing assistance and registering families who are unable to afford the cost of dance classes
    • Creating professional proposals and budgets for community programing
    • Coordinating exciting new community and school events
    • Initiating and developing relationships with community organizations and schools
    • Interviewing, surveying and connecting with populations we serve in the community
    • Learning to build curriculum and class plans based in research
    • Building your own community and school workshops in a variety of ages and styles with guidance of experienced Urbanity Community and School faculty

Amazing at: communicating verbally to groups of people; sharing and teaching knowledge; working with people; radiating light and love. 

Who Believes: dance is a powerful tool for healing and bringing people together; dance is for all; dance can save lives and heal communities


General Details:

Although the internships are focused in one of the above categories, opportunities to learn and crossover to other departments exists and often occurs. At the end of the internship, it is our goal that each intern has a general idea of what running a dance company is like, everything from Marketing, Development, Finance, Production, Special Event Planning, Facilities Maintenance and Database Management. 

Although Urbanity's internship is unpaid, some colleges offer academic credit for internships, and we can assist in any necessary paperwork to make that possible.


Previous Urbanity interns have benefited from the experience of building resume and being an integral part of the business team for a growing dance company.  Several interns have gone on to paid positions with Urbanity upon graduation. Interns also receive access to Urbanity's network, recommendations, and references for future work.

“An internship with Urbanity dance was a combination of artistry, passion, and growth. It let me into a pivotal stage of growth not only for the company, but also for my own understanding of what it means to propel the dream of contemporary dance forward -- in the Boston area and beyond. This was far from a mechanical employment opportunity, fraught with filing papers and loading information into a database. Ideas unfolded, reassembled, compressed and re-formed as I met with inspiring dancers and followers of Urbanity throughout my term. Working for Urbanity was like finding myself in the heart of a budding flower, a place where intricacy and beauty go hand in hand. I could discuss the blog entries, administrative work and marketing lessons I learned while with Urbanity, but to do so would take away from this overall message: To work with Urbanity is to find your skills unfurl alongside the most cutting edge aesthetic that Boston has produced in the world of dance.”

"To the future interns at Urbanity, I wish you the same experience that so deeply touched my consciousness. My internship may have ended, but this is a company I will continue to love long after my keys to the office are turned in.”
Kristen House, Urbanity Summer Intern, 2010