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Mckhelen Alcindor

Hometown: Randolph, MA

Current Classes: Beginner Hip HopAdult 10 Week Program: Sunday 4:00 - 5:30pm 

Professional Experience: BCDP: Boston Communtiny Dance Project Concept Artist

Teaching Philosophy: Have fun! Dancing should be about enjoying yourself through a soundtrack. The more fun you're having, the more comfortable you are to move in a different way.

Loves: Acting, Singing

IMG_2306 - Meghan Anderson.jpg

Meg Anderson

Hometown: Wheelwright, MA

Current Classes: Baby Groove Monday 3:30, Youth Co III Monday 4:15, Youth Co IV/V Monday 5:30, Open Adult Contemporary Monday 7:30, Baby Groove Wednesday 3:30, Kids Groove Wednesday 4:15, Level II Contemporary 5:15, Beginning Teen Contemporary Wednesday 6:45, Level III/IV/V 4:00, Level III/IV/V Friday 5:30

Professional Experience: Received her BA in Dance in 2012 from Dean College. Graduated with high honors. Company Dancer for Urbanity 2012-present, Has performed at Jordan Hall, the Paramount Theater, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and more. Performed in the ACE awards. Choreographed for Emerson College Dance Co, Boston Children's Museum, Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra and more. Trained under teachers such as Jill Silverman, Nailiah Randall-Bellinger, Jeremy Howes, Marcus Schulkind, Lorraine Chapman, and Betsi Graves and has performed work from Pilobolus, Carl Flink, Andy Noble, Jaclyn Walsh, and Doug Varone.

Teaching Philosophy: Tough Love. I believe in challenging dancers to their fullest potential and supporting them along their entire dance adventure.

Loves: Dogs, Giraffes, Coffee, Crunches, Sunflowers, Feathers, Socks and Blankets

Danielle Andersen Headshot - Danielle Andersen.jpg

Danielle Andersen

Hometown: La-Vista, NE

Current Classes: Urban and World Dance Class at Lee Academy and Bridge Boston.

Professional Experience: I started dancing when I was three years old. I started teaching in high school and was inspired by bringing a love for dance to life within others. I was dance team captain during high school and leader of my competitive dance studio in Nebraska. I went to college in Corona, CA in 2013 for Dance with an emphasis in Education. After completing my classes I traveled with my college throughout Europe and the United States teaching dance to children in their schools. In the group we emphasized the importance of self-confidence and the arts. After travelling I moved to Boston, MA to continue my love for dance and teaching.

Teaching Philosophy: Be in pursuit of magic!

Loves: Painting, reading, petting cats, and being with friend. 

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Tyh Céspedes

Hometown: Salem, MA

Current Classes: Adult beginner hip hop: Monday 6:00-7:30 pm, Urban & World dance at Brooke Charter School

Professional Experience: Dancer @ Phunk Phenomenon '12-'15, Dancer @ Danza Organica '15-'17, Dancer @ Northern Lights '16-Present, Teacher @ West Concord Dance Academy '17-Present

Teaching Philosophy: Live your best life by loving what you do and learn all you can on the way.

Loves: Reading mystery/thriller/psychology/lifestyle books. Hiking, camping, kayaking. Exercising, adventuring with friends.

IMG_1458 - Dorothy Cherry.JPG

Dorothy Cherry

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Current Classes: Urban and World Dance

Professional Experience: I am a graduate of the Boston Conservatory and a part of the Urbanity Company.

Teaching Philosophy: Dance is a universal language that everyone can speak. It is also a way to exchange cultures, tell stories, and spread love.

Loves: Cooking

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Lea Marie D’Arminio

Hometown: Ramsey, New Jersey

Current Classes: Contemporary I, Acro I/II Friday 4:00-5:25pm

Professional Experience: Works with students of all ages - experience performing and teaching dance in Italy for 4+ years.

Teaching Philosophy: As a teacher, you never stop learning. Once you stop learning you stop teaching.

Loves: Italy, math, all things banana and peanut butter.

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Alexander Davis

Hometown: Hollis, NH

Current Classes: Baby Walkers M 9,  Baby Movers +1 T 3:30,  Acro I/II T 4:45, Boys Dance I T 5:15,  Baby Movers +1 W 9,  Dance for Parkinson's Th, Urban and World Dance At Lee Academy Pilot School

Professional Experience: Urbanity Dance, Professional Company Lorraine Chapman, The Company Director of Alexander Davis Dance (ADD), Exhibited Fiber Artist, Published Memoirist, Okay Comedian

Teaching Philosophy: I believe in the importance of creating a safe yet charged space for experimentation, and exploration. The classroom exists as a laboratory. I believe in guiding students in the discovery process. All students are on their own individual journey, and it is my responsibility to facilitate those journeys while also creating a space for social development, collaboration and tolerance.

Loves: Knitting, Podcasts, Creative Non-Fiction, Activism

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Haley Day

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Current Classes: Baby Walkers--Saturday 9:15, Baby Movers--Tuesday 3:30, Thursday 9 Baby Groove--Saturday 10 Kids Groove--Monday 3:45, Tuesday 4:15, Thursday 3:45, Saturday 12:45 Kids Tap and Tumble--Saturday 12 Level I Contempo--Thursday 4:30 Level I Youth Company--Monday 4:30 Level I/II Acro--Monday 5:30, Thursday 5:30 Level I/II Accelerated Acro--Thursday 7:15 Level II Contemporary--Saturday 1:30 Level III/IV Acro--Thursday 8 Level III/IV/V Ballet--Tuesday 6-7:25 Conditioning for Dancers--Monday 8:00 Pre-pointe/Pointe--Tuesday 5:15

Professional Experience: This will be my fifth season as part of Urbanity's professional company, and I received my BFA in Dance Performance from University of Missouri, Kansas City--Conservatory of Music and Dance in 2013.

Teaching Philosophy: I hope to create a classroom environment that fosters an appreciation for hard work, a sense of mutual respect and support between students and teacher, and joy and wonder for the capacities of the human body in motion.

Loves: My cats (Charlie and Toaster), ice cream, music, reading, but most of all, moving

Victoria DiPrizio - Victoria DiPrizio.JPG

Victoria DiPrizio

Hometown: Medford, MA

Current Classes: Tap Level I/II Saturday 9:30-10:25 AM

Professional Experience: Tap Miami Spectacular dancer with Joffrey Ballet School. Musical Theatre dancer in NYC with Joffrey Ballet School. First Place Overall choreographer in 2015, 2016, and 2017 for On Pointe Dance Academy. Competitive dancer for Mary Flynn Murphy Dance Studio for ten years. Competitive dancer for On Pointe Dance Academy for five years. EDC (Elite Dance Challenge) Performance Team.

Teaching Philosophy: If you're not having fun then what's the point.

Loves: Elvis Presley, Boxing, Anything 80's, constantly quoting movies.


Thomas Doelger

Hometown: West Hartford, CT

Current Classes: Contemporary Jazz, Saturday 1-3pm

Professional Experience: Original cast member of Bill T Jones' piece "What is this Place?" performed at the Kennedy Center. Worked as a dancer in professional productions of High Society (Winnipesaukee Playhouse), All Shook Up (Priscilla Beach Theatre), and is a current cast member in The Donkey Show at the American Reperatory Theatre.

Teaching Philosophy: You showed up, so you might as well give it all that you've got!

Loves: Musical Theatre, Cycling, Music, Fitness

Jen dance (2) - Chris E.jpg

Jen Farrell

Hometown: Boston, MA

Current Classes: Jazz IV/V

Professional Experience: Ffaculty member with The Department of Performing Arts and dance instructor with The Department of Professional Studies Pre-College program at Emerson. She has taught dance at The Boston Conservatory, Suffolk University, M.I.T., Northern Essex Community College and College of The Holy Cross. She danced nationally and internationally for various sportswear companies including: Keds, Champion, PUMA and FILA. Jen also danced in shows opening for headliner entertainers Gregory Hines, Rita Moreno, Harry Connick Jr., The Pointer Sisters, and The B-52's.

Teaching Philosophy: Teach the student first, the subject second.

Loves: Jack, Cydney, the ocean, wine, reading, cooking.

Noah Gilman2 - Noah Gilman.jpg

Noah Gilman

Hometown: Newton, MA

Current Classes: Acro 1/2 at 7:15-7:55 and 3/4 at 8:00-8:55 both on Thursday evening

Professional Experience: I have been a b-boy for about 6 years. I did parkour for about 2 years. I have done gymnastics and circus arts for the past 4 years. I love doing acrobatics, juggling, fire arts, and other circus practices!

Teaching Philosophy: I have always appreciated teachers who make learning fun without losing their dedication to work hard and drive their students to do their best.

Loves: I LOVE doing circus arts. My most recent interests have been fire arts such as: fire staff spinning, fire poi, fire juggling, and fire breathing. When I'm not training, I'm probably watching various different anime series.

Flora Kim  - Flora Kim.jpg

Flora Hyoin Kim

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Current Classes: Urban and World Dance at Lee Academy, Tartts Daycare (Mon & Wed 4-5pm)

Professional Experience: Boston Ballet School Faculty (2014-current) Prometheus Dance Company (2015-current) Lorraine Chapman The Company (2016-2017) Urbanity Dance Company (2014-2015) BFA in Dance from University of Wisconsin-Madison (2010-2014)

Teaching Philosophy: Without love, teaching means nothing.

Loves: Church family, chocolate, laughter, Charles River, beach, losing myself in freedom. 

58638A26-57C2-4D6F-A546-0AB1704A9E76 - Devon Larcher.jpg

Devon Larcher

Hometown: Providence, RI

Current Classes: Baby Crawlers Baby Groove Contemporary 1 Acro 1/2 Hip Hop 1 Select Trio Groups

Professional Experience: Bill Evans Touring Company Dancer/Aerialist with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Part of the Oath Dance Company Fusionworks Dance Company Living Statue with Ten31 Productions Urbanity Dance Company

Teaching Philosophy: When you challenge someone to do somthing harder then they are used to, they will always rise to the occasion. I try to push my students to give their all and always leave feeling accomplished


Alexis MIkulski

Hometown: Belchertown, Massachusetts

Current Classes: Kids Groove at Kingsley Monstessori School

Education: Emerson College, (B.A. In Journalism and Dance)

Professional Experience: Dance Workshop Inc; The Walt Disney Company; Emerson College Dance Company

Teaching Philosophy: Foster passion first, and the rest will follow.

Loves: Vanilla Coffee, Dogs, Dancing around the kitchen and anything that Sparkles! 

IMG_0053 - genny mudd.JPG

Genny Mudd

Hometown: Easton, MA

Current Classes: Adult Intermediate Contemporary Wednesdays 7:30-9pm

Professional Experience: Full time occupational therapist. Grew up dancing at The Gold School, continued at Boston University and have been a member of Urbanity Underground for 5 seasons.

Teaching Philosophy: Let's have fun and grow together as dancers!

Loves: I love Occupational Therapy, singing show tunes, and traveling!

Jen Passios - Jennifer Passios.jpg

Jen Passios

Hometown: Lunenburg, MA

Current Classes: Level IV/V Ballet: Thursday 3:45-5:10, Level IV/V Contemporary/Modern: Thursday 5:15-6:10, Adult Beginner Contemporary: Thursday 6:15-7:45

Professional Experience: Current mover and word smith for Jessie Jeanne & Dancers. Alum of Urbanity Underground. Groove inducer at institutions throughout the Greater Boston Area.

Teaching Philosophy: Breed compassion. Feed hungry minds. Foster artistry. Revel in being a verb.

Loves: Words, Critters, Driving, Turtlenecks, Crew Socks, Thrift Stores and LOTS of Espresso

Jacob Regan - Jacob Regan.jpg

Jacob Regan

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Current Classes: Boys Dance (Wednesday 3:45-4:25), Breaking (Wednesday 7-7:55), Kids Groove (Saturday 10:30-11:10), Improv (Saturday 11:30-12:55)

Professional Experience: Dancer with Urbanity, Prometheus, and Contact Improv Boston

Teaching Philosophy: To facilitate a laboratory setting that encourages autonomy inside and outside the classroom.

Loves: Philosophy, Video Games, and Improvising

IMG_0240 - Leilani Ricardo.JPG

Leilani Ricardo

Hometown: Limerick, Maine

Current Classes: Contemporary Level 3/4 Tuesdays 5:00 - 5:55 and Adult Beginner Contemporary Tuesdays 6:15 - 7:45

Professional Experience: As a teacher, Leilani has taught every age for Urbanity from Baby Crawlers through Trainee, served as the Resident Director for Urbanity Summer Intensive, and been the instructor at a dozen Communty locations. Outside of Urbanity Leilani has spent four years as a Lead Teacher for Boston Ballet's Education and Community Initiative Department and with the Massachusetts Educational Guild. Outside of the studio, she has danced with Kat Nasti Dance, served as Dance Captain and Assistant to Yo-el Cassell, and performed with various theaters through out New England.

Teaching Philosophy: Dance is for everybody and every body.

Loves: Reading, gardening, comic books, cooking & baking, chai tea, all things Wonder Woman. 

Xavier Shropshire - Xavier Shropshire.jpg

Xavier Shropshire

Hometown: Dorchester, MA

Current Classes: Hip Hop Intermediate Mondays 6:30 pm-8:00 pm

Professional Experience: I have been on multiple dance teams including Synergy Hip Hop Dance Company, Concept Artists, and CrewNex. I have worked as a back up dancer for Singer Erene and Hip Hop artist Maverik.

Teaching Philosophy: Learning how to dance is about having fun more than learning 'dance moves'. I want my students to learn how music makes them move, how to manipulate that movement by improving their knowledge of music and dance, and to increase their ability to learn new choreography. My goal is to give all my students the tools they need to grow in any environment by providing knowledge and technique that I did not have when I found my passion for dance, but that I now practice every day. There is no growth in comfort. So face challenges head on and have fun doing it!

Loves: Playing sports, working out, warm weather, Netflix