We bow with gratitude to all staff, dancers, teachers and board members who have given so generously to Urbanity over the last six years.  We humbly recognize that our growth is the result of those who serve the organization with tireless passion, talent and dedication.

We celebrate the joys and triumphs of our Urbanity family as they move on to elite universities, dream jobs, Broadway stages, and even their own dance companies. Their successes are a part of us. 

So many connections, shared memories and meaningful friendships have developed within our walls over the years. We even have our first Urbani-wedding, Jon and Nicole, who met in company class!

If you're an Urbanity alum, we'd love to hear from you! E-mail to update us. 

Lyndsi Pace
Meredith Rogerson

Board of Directors
Jessye Ball
Molly Brown

Special thanks to our founding members: KK Apple, Lea D'Arminio, Carolyn Dumser, Julia Harding, Marissa Krolewski, Amanda O'Flaherty, Meghan O'Hare, Kate Patten Cook, Robin Skory, Mila Thigpen

Christina Aguirre
Becky Anderson
Jon Arpino
Carolyn Breton
Brett Bell
Lisa Cole
Leonard Choo
Joe DiDonato
Colleen Edwards
Dana Gugliotti
Lauren Haskell
Lana Herzig
Madelyn Ho
Whitney Hoke  
Kristen Himmelberger
Rossi Lamont Walter
Dahne Ledford Yaitanes
Erica Ligeski
Tabitha Liversidge
Lori LoTurco
Emily May Mayer
Danielle Miller
Kara McCann
Kate McCusker
Claire McGregor
Darran Moore
Wayne Ong
Kathleen Pantos
Lara Park
Nicole Pavone
Amanda Rey
Katie Greenberg
Cara Saudelli Willis
Kayla Skerry
Emily Sulock
Samuel Szabo
Erica Toedt
Kristina Wright

Junior Apprentices/Apprentices
Michelle Costello
Olivia Coombs  
Cassidy Diaz
Shaffany Terrell  
Julia Larcenaire
Alyssa Levine
Tori Lin
Jovanni Soto
Danielle Robbins  
Lori Celeste
Tanya Carpenter
Michelle Conti
Ashley Monger
Adrienne Matthews
Ausjioli Minichiello   
Peter Mazurowski
Taylor Robinson
Hannah Tanner  
Rebecca Brill Weitz
Shayna Reed

Aurelia Corcoran
Kristen House
Celine Allende 
Ally Arirachakaran
Chantel Alves
Alaina Belanger
Haley Bierman
Simone Bernstein
Allison Dancewicz
Pearl Chan
Cayley Christoforou
Furen Dai
Hannah Schon
Audrey Lynn Joan
Hannah Miller
Hayley McKernan
Christina Mallgren
Giulia Murphy
Gabby Pacheco
Kurt Joyce  
Izzy Sleeman
Andrew Troum
McKenzie Price
Louise Brownsberger
Erin McNulty    
Shisi Wang
Maria Vivas  
Zifei Zhang
Alicia Zola