Seasonal Sessions

Adult Spring Session begins March 26, 2019! Registration open now. 

Urbanity Dance's seasonal session dance programs are geared to serve adults ranging from true beginners to those with prior dance training looking for a way to get back into the dance studio! All classes run once a week for 10-12 weeks (depending on the session), with a cumulative performance/showcase from all the classes at the end. Urbanity's courses are designed to teach fundamental techniques mixed with choreography each week. We currently offer classes in a variety styles of dance like contemporary, hip hop, and Brazilian Zouk! 


UDHQ | 1180 Washington Street Suite #100 Boston, MA  02118

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Balance at Urbanity Dance | 111 W. Concord Street Boston, MA 02118

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Urbanity Central | 725 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

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Class Schedule

Winter: Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - Monday, June 24, 2019 (12 weeks!)
Registration open now!






  • 4:00-5:15 p.m. | Beg./Int. Hip Hop | UDHQ

What Level Am I?

  • Beginner Level: Beginner courses are for those dancers that have some to little relevant dance experience.

  • Beginner/Intermediate Level: Beginner/Intermediate level courses are for those dancers that have had at least one full year of relevant dance experience.

  • Intermediate Level: Intermediate level courses are for those dancers that have had substantial relevant dance experience and training (3-4 years preferred). This level is perfect for those that may had trained heavily in dance in the past and want to return to dance.

  • Open Level: Open Level courses are for dancers of ALL levels and backgrounds - from beginner to advanced!

Questions about registration? Email

Questions about level placement? Email Director of Education, Leilani Ricardo, 




Classes are both contemporary technique and performance focused. Classes incorporate yoga, cardio, strength training, and elements of ballet, modern, jazz, and improv dance techniques. Classes include a full body warm up to build strength and flexibility, then progress to exploring larger movement sequences travelling through space. Students spend a portion of each class learning choreography to perform at an informal showing that finishes off the 12-week session. This class is a great mix between both Form and Perform Contempo classes!

Bollywood/Hip Hop:

This class is a high-energy fusion class, drawing from the best of two massively popular dance styles! In the spirit of community that is innate to both hip hop and Bollywood, class is designed to be appropriate for dancers of all levels and experiences.  Hard-hitting, clean hip hop fundamentals are blended with expressive, precise Bollywood fundamentals to create rhythmic and buoyant choreography.

All Levels Jazz:


A truly all-American style of dance, jazz is the chameleon of dance.  Jazz can be found everywhere from Broadway to Beyonce music videos and everywhere in between.  Class follows a traditional dance class structure, with a full body warm-up (working primarily though parallel and touching on jazz's roots in ballet and modern), across the floor (designed to teach technique and how to move through space), and ending with learning choreography.  

Hip Hop: 


Classes are both hip hop technique and performance focused. Class begins with grooves, isolations and the basics of hip hop fundamentals: popping, locking, waving and break dancing. Dancers also work on cardio, strength and flexibility training throughout their 12-weeks. Dancers will practice choreography in preparation for an informal showcase for family and friends that will culminate at the end of the program. This class is a great mix between both Form and Perform Hip Hop classes!

Brazilian Zouk:


Brazilian Zouk is a partner dance originating from Brazil. The dance is a descendant of lambada, the music & dance style that swept over the world like a storm in the late 1980's. Brazilian Zouk is characterized by the dancers’ undulating bodies and the girls' flowing hair. Depending on the style of Brazilian Zouk, you can see a close connection embrace and long graceful steps, strong hip movements, body isolations and upper-body torsions, wild spins and whip-like head movements. While the dance is often called sensual, it is not sexual or erotic. It is danced by people of all ages in night clubs, dance schools and events around the world!

Jose Cuadra will be teaching Traditional Zouk or Rio style Zouk. Traditional Zouk (or Rio style Zouk) is a more sensual, romantic and dramatic style of Brazilian Zouk. The dancers use the slow-quick-quick rhythm, marking ‘tum’ beat in the Zouk music. It is common to not use only the rhythm but also the pauses, melody and lyrics in the dance as well as utilize different dynamics in the timing. Moves such as body rolls and extensions are typical as well as movements influenced by jazz, ballet and contemporary dance. This is an open level course.  

Open Level Jazz Funk

Tyh the Dancer.jpg

 Jazz funk is a cultural melting pot of everything from classical ballet to hip hop, where we combine a variety of old school moves and even some elements of Beyoncé's stage routines. When you combine them all, you have the fun and flashy jazz funk style, ready for you to master the moves and add your own personal touch! We warm up with stretches and cardio. Then we break down the foundation of the movement before we get into the choreography. All levels are welcome!!






Prizmatic Hip Hop Crew:

Prizmatic is a developmental crew where you can blossom and feel free to try to a bunch of different things, together - Jeff (Prizmatic Crew dancer)

Urbanity Dance is proud to offer the first ever beginner/intermediate adult hip hop crew in Boston! This program is for our hip hop dancers who are looking to take their dancing to the NEXT level and perform outside the Urbanity Community. In addition to the adult showcase, hip hop crew dancers will participate in one outside performance and gain exposure to the larger hip hop scene in Boston. Hip hop crew differs from our hip hop classes. In crew, dancers work strictly on choreography - we do not practice hip hop fundamentals and technique during the 1.5 hour rehearsals.