10-Week Session Courses

Next session begins June 29th. Registration now open. 

Urbanity Dance's 10-week dance programs are geared to serve adults ranging from true beginners to those with prior dance training looking for a way to get back into the dance studio. We currently offer classes in 3 styles of dance: contemporary, hip hop and NY mambo (salsa on 2):



Classes incorporate yoga, cardio, strength training, and elements of ballet, modern, jazz, and improv dance techniques. Classes include a full body warm up to build strength and flexibility, then progress to exploring larger movement sequences travelling through space. Students spend a portion of each class learning choreography to perform at an informal showing that finishes off the 10-week session.


Hip Hop: 

Class begins with grooves, isolations and the basics of hip hop fundamentals: popping, locking, waving and break dancing. Dancers also work on cardio, strength and flexibility training throughout their 10-weeks. Dancers will practice choreography in preparation for an informal showcase for family and friends that will culminate at the end of the program. 


NY Mambo (Salsa on 2)

This class will focus on the roots of the mambo rhythm which can also be considered salsa or more specifically salsa on 2 in today’s world. The lessons brought to you by Urbanity Dance and up and coming Latin dancers, Juan and Victoria, will begin with definitive body isolations, which will lead to a series of footwork to enhance your styling, and finish with the strengthening of your partnerwork abilities, thereby learning to social dance with style, rhythmically to the music, and most importantly, while having fun. We will specifically target the musicality aspect of dancing New York mambo where you will have the opportunity to study how to find the rhythm of the beat naturally. This class will not only provide you the ability to dance and have fun all over the Boston salsa community with confidence, but it will elevate your knowledge on the origins of mambo, salsa, the instruments, and everything in-between.


Hip Hop Crew:

Urbanity Dance is proud to offer the first ever beginner adult hip hop crew in Boston!! This program is for our hip hop dancers who are looking to take their dancing to the NEXT level and perform outside the Urbanity Community. In addition to the adult showcase, hip hop crew dancers will participate in 1 outside performance and gain exposure to the larger hip hop scene in Boston. Hip hop crew differs from our hip hop classes. In crew, dancers work strictly on choreography - we do not practice hip hop fundamentals and technique during this 1.5 hour rehearsal. 

Hip hop crew will run during our winter and summer sessions. Registration for winter is closed. Stay tuned for website updates regarding our summer audition date that will be posted in mid May! 

Important note: hip hop crew is an extension of our hip hop technique classes. Therefore, crew must be paired with at least 1 of our beginner or beginner/int hip hop technique classes


View the class schedule and register below.