10-Week Session Courses

Next session begins March 25th. Registration now open. 

Urbanity Dance's 10-week dance programs are geared to serve adults ranging from true beginners to those with prior dance training looking for a way to get back into the dance studio! All classes run once a week for 10 weeks, with a cumulative performance/showcase from all the classes at the end. Urbanity's courses are designed to teach fundamental techniques mixed with choreography each week. We currently offer classes in four styles of dance: contemporary, hip hop and Brazilian Zouk.  

*** Adult 10-week Spring Session Showcase will be at the BU Tsai Theater on Saturday, June 2nd ***

Season Schedule

Fall Session: Sept 10th - Nov 18th
registration opens: August 21st

Winter Session: Jan 7th- March 24th
registration opens: October 16th

Spring Session: March 25th- June 2nd
registration opens: February 25th

Summer Session: June 17th- August 25th
registration opens:  May 6th

Class Schedule

UDHQ | 1180 Washington Street Suite #100 Boston, MA 02118

Balance | 111 W. Concord Street Boston, MA 02118 

*BSC | 560 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA 02118


  • 6:00 - 7:30pm - Beg. Hip Hop  | Tyhgita Céspedes | UDHQ
  • 6:30 - 8:00pm - Int. Hip Hop | Stan Karachev | *BSC
  • 6:30 - 8:00pm - Brazilian Zouk | Jose Cuadra | Balance


  • 6:15 - 7:45pm - Beg. Contemporary | Leilani R. | Balance


  • 6:00-7:30pm - Beg./Int. Contemporary | Cayley C. | UDHQ
  • 7:30-9:00pm - Int. Contemporary | Genny Mudd | UDHQ


  • 6:15 - 7:45pm - Beg. Commercial Contemporary | Elizabeth McElligott | Balance
  • 6:00 - 7:30pm - Beg. Hip Hop | Tyhgita Céspedes   | *BSC
  • 6:00 - 7:30pm - Prizmatic Hip Hop Crew A | UDHQ


  • 6:30 - 8:00pm - Open Level Tap| Shaina Schwartz | Balance


  • 10:30am - 12:00pm - Beg. Hip Hop | Charae Hemingway | Balance


  • 4:00 - 5:30pm - Beg./Int. Hip Hop | McKhelen Alcindor | UDHQ
  • 5:30 - 7:00pm - Prizmatic Hip Hop Crew All | Xavier Shrosphire & TBA | UDHQ   
  • 7:00 - 8:30pm - Prizmatic Hip Hop Crew B | UDHQ

*Class will be located in the GEX Mind and Body Studio




Classes incorporate yoga, cardio, strength training, and elements of ballet, modern, jazz, and improv dance techniques. Classes include a full body warm up to build strength and flexibility, then progress to exploring larger movement sequences travelling through space. Students spend a portion of each class learning choreography to perform at an informal showing that finishes off the 10-week session.



Hip Hop: 


Class begins with grooves, isolations and the basics of hip hop fundamentals: popping, locking, waving and break dancing. Dancers also work on cardio, strength and flexibility training throughout their 10-weeks. Dancers will practice choreography in preparation for an informal showcase for family and friends that will culminate at the end of the program. 





Brazilian Zouk:


Brazilian Zouk is a partner dance originating from Brazil. The dance is a descendant of lambada, the music & dance style that swept over the world like a storm in the late 1980's. Brazilian Zouk is characterized by the dancers’ undulating bodies and the girls' flowing hair. Depending on the style of Brazilian Zouk, you can see a close connection embrace and long graceful steps, strong hip movements, body isolations and upper-body torsions, wild spins and whip-like head movements. While the dance is often called sensual, it is not sexual or erotic. It is danced by people of all ages in night clubs, dance schools and events around the world!

Jose Cuadra will be teaching Traditional Zouk or Rio style Zouk. Traditional Zouk (or Rio style Zouk) is a more sensual, romantic and dramatic style of Brazilian Zouk. The dancers use the slow-quick-quick rhythm, marking ‘tum’ beat in the Zouk music. It is common to not use only the rhythm but also the pauses, melody and lyrics in the dance as well as utilize different dynamics in the timing. Moves such as body rolls and extensions are typical as well as movements influenced by jazz, ballet and contemporary dance. This is an open level course.  


Beginner Commercial Contemporary: New class with Elizabeth McElligott!

Liz-Dance Picture.PNG

Course description: The goal of this class is to get your body moving and your brain in touch with your individualized creativity. We will begin by thoroughly warming up the body through a series of stretching and strengthening exercises to ensure you have a solid foundation. We will then move into to across the floor progressions to break down popular "tricks" seen in routines and make them less intimidating and more achievable. Each class with culminate in a combination that will eventually lead to a full piece. We will explore the creative possibilities within the body through an open dialogue between the dancers and teacher, as we strive to create a welcoming environment open to students of all abilities.  

Elizabeth (Liz) grew up dancing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Chelmsford, MA under the direction of Bryan Steele and Katie Correia. She carried her love for dance to NYC where she received her B.A. in Teaching Dance Arts and her B.S. in Business from Marymount Manhattan College. Upon moving back to Boston, she had to find a way to stay connected to the dance community, while working for a wealth management firm downtown. She found her happiness teaching adults at various studios over the past 2 years and it has ignited her true passion. Her belief in the healing powers of movement shines through each class and she promises you will leave feeling your body and brain equally stimulated. 


Open Level Tap: New class with Shaina Schwartz!


Tap is a dance style focused on rhythm and musicality.  This is an open level class - led by Shaina Schwartz.

Course Description: This class provides a solid foundation in tap technique and musicality, along with elements of classic repertoire, tap history, and music theory. We’ll learn how to cleanly and efficiently execute everything from flaps and shuffles to time steps and paradiddles, focusing on clear, full-bodied rhythm-making. We will also study the so-called national anthem of tap dance, the Shim-Sham Shimmy, as well as the ubiquitous Condos Rudiments, among other famous material. Students will develop strong, fundamental skills relevant to both rhythm tap and musical theater tap styles, and ultimately be able to perform basic steps and patterns with clarity, timing, style, joy, and confidence!

Shaina Schwartz has been performing and teaching throughout New England for over 10 years. An attendee of the Boston Youth Moves program at Jeannette Neill Dance Studio, she went on to study music and theater at the Hartt School of Music in Hartford, CT. A former resident artist at the award-winning children's theater, The Peacock Players, and dance captain/co-choreographer with the Boston Tap Company, Shaina is now the primary tap instructor at Boston University and multiple prestigious Greater Boston area studios. She is the Artistic Director of the New England based educational dance company, Touche Taps, which focuses on comprehensive music, percussive dance and composition training, working with over 300 dancers, ages 7 to 65+, every week!


Prizmatic is a developmental crew where you can blossom and feel free to try to a bunch of different things, together - Jeff (Prizmatic Crew dancer) 

Prizmatic Hip Hop Crew:

Urbanity Dance is proud to offer the first ever beginner/intermediate adult hip hop crew in Boston! This program is for our hip hop dancers who are looking to take their dancing to the NEXT level and perform outside the Urbanity Community. In addition to the adult showcase, hip hop crew dancers will participate in one outside performance and gain exposure to the larger hip hop scene in Boston. Hip hop crew differs from our hip hop classes. In crew, dancers work strictly on choreography - we do not practice hip hop fundamentals and technique during the 1.5 hour rehearsals.

Important note: Prizmatic Hip Hop Crew has a new model this session. Students who register for Prizmatic A  or  Prizmatic B rehearsal days/times will attend student-led choreography rehearsals with a hip hop dance coach for support/guidance.  Prizmatic All is required for all Prizmatic member to attend - a 1.5 rehearsal with two guest choreographers per session. 

There are currently 3 options for Prizmatic dancers: 

  • Option Pop:   
    • Prizmatic Hip Hop Crew All  + 1.5 hour technique class
    • = $120/session + technique class price
  • Option Lock:   
    • Prizmatic Hip Hop Crew  A  or  B + Prizmatic Hip Hop Crew All + 1.5 hour technique class
    • = $180/session + technique class price
  • Option Drop:  
    • Prizmatic Hip Hop Crew  A  or  B + Prizmatic Hip Hop Crew All rehearsal
    • = $200/session

Meet our guest choreographers for the Spring Session! 

Xavier Shropshire


Xavier Shropshire has been a dedicated hip hop artist since joining Synergy Dance Company at Boston College in 2009. Having been inspired and fascinated with Michael Jackson from a very early age, Xavier frequently practiced and memorized all of the iconic dance moves by watching music videos in the comfort of his room. At BC, Xavier not only explored various styles and choreographed for his team, but also began professional gigs including backup-dancing for artists Erene and DJ Maverik. Upon graduation, he joined the dance team Concept Artist and subsequently, Crewnex. Currently, he can be found performing with Crewnex, teaching workshops, or choreographing routines for both beginners and professionals alike.


Michelle Cueroni


Michelle Cueroni received her BFA in Dance at UMass Amherst in 2016 under the direction of Thomas Vacanti and Paul Dennis. During her collegiate dance career she performed works by Sidra Bell, John Heginbotham, Ellenore Scott, Leslie Frye-Maietta, Erica Wilson-Perkins, Brendan Drake, and Betsi Graves.  She has received additional training from Urbanity Dance Company’s Summer Intensive programs in 2013 and 2014, and Helen Pickett’s Choreographic Intensive in 2016.  Michelle currently dances with Static Noyze Dance Company in Boston, Ma.  Michelle has performed for Hot 96.9 FM Radio, Converse ®,Venu Nightclub, Elements Dance Competition, “X” Boston, RAW Artists Boston, and more.  In 2017, Michelle completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training certification through Barre & Soul Yoga Studios in Brookline, Ma. In addition to working as a free-lance choreographer in the Boston area, she is currently teaching yoga at Metro Best Yoga Studios in Framingham, Ma as well as teaching Hip Hop, Jazz & Modern dance at Annemarie’s Dance Centre in Ashland, Ma.

Auditions for Prizmatic will be held during the March 25th rehearsal 5:30 - 7:00pm at Urbanity Dance.