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Students work to explore phrasing, fluidity and performance quality. Our curriculum explores the elements of dance in a supportive environment where students can develop technique, personal expression, and confidence. Students work towards an final showcase at a professional performance venue. Urbanity Dance also offers additional performance opportunities through audition based performance groups. Options for the casual dancer or students looking to pursue dance as a career are available. 

For high school students looking for our credit bearing program, email Leilani Ricardo at Leilani@urbanitydance.org

For information on tuition, click here. For information on level placements, click here.

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teen hip hop banner.jpg

A popular street style of dance that includes isolations, popping/locking, breaking, wacking, vogueing and more! Dancers will gain strength, coordination, flexibility and an increased sense of confidence through movement.

Teen II

Tuesday | 4:15–5:10 | UDHQ

Teen Beginner

Tuesday | 6:30–7:25 | Balance at Urbanity Dance

Teen I

Tuesday | 6:15–7:10 |UDHQ

Teen III

Wednesday | 5:30–6:25 | Urbanity Central

teen contemporary banner.jpg

Contemporary dance includes ballet, modern, and jazz technique.

Teen II

Wednesday | 6:00–7:15 | Balance at Urbanity Dance

Teen Beginner

Monday | 5:30–6:25 | Balance at Urbanity Dance

Teen I

Monday | 5:00–6:15 | Urbanity Central

Teen III

Wednesday | 6:45–8:00 | UDHQ

acro primary banner.jpg

Students learn the fundamentals of tumbling and acrobatics and work to develop increased strength and flexibility. Acro skills can supplement contemporary and hip hop techniques. One-on-one attention from the instructor guarantees that each student is challenged yet supported.

Teen Acro

Tuesday | 6:00–7:15 | UDHQ

teen ballet banner.jpg

Ballet technique is a foundational element of contemporary dance. The strength, flexibility, coordination, and anatomical awareness developed through the study and practice of ballet vocabulary is crucial for building strong, versatile contemporary dancers. Classes will include barre, center, and across the floor exercises and will give students the ballet vocabulary necessary to pursue training at summer intensives or pre-professional training programs.

Teen II

Thursday | 6:15–7:30 | UDHQ


Wednesday | 4:15–5:40 | UDHQ

Teen I

Thursday | 6:15–7:30 | UDHQ

Teen III

Friday | 4:00–5:25 | UDHQ

Teen Beginner

Monday | 6:30–7:25 | Balance at Urbanity Dance

electives primary banner.jpg

Primary electives are for dancers ages 8+


Thursday | 5:15–6:10 | UDHQ

Thursday 4:35–5:50 | Urbanity Central

Teen Beginner
Monday | 4:35–5:50 | Balance at Urbanity Dance

Designed for the more creative spirit. Modern will teach the fundamental concepts of space, time and energy through the practices of modern dance technique. This class will focus on weight and suspension, fall and recover, strength and release.


Saturday | 12:55–2:10 | Urbanity Central

Saturday | 12:45–2:15 | UDHQ

Jazz technique is a great addition to contemporary and ballet technique classes. This class will round out the upper level contemporary dancer's training and contribute to overall stylistic and technical versatility. Athletic leaps and turns as well as complex isolations and combinations help dancers train strength, power, and precision; jazz is a key style and technique for dancers interested in performing in commercial dance or musical theater.


Monday | 4:00–4:55 | Urbanity Central

Conditioning for Dancers is designed to support Teen level students in building the strength, stamina, and flexibility necessary for the athleticism of contemporary, ballet, and jazz techniques. Class will include cardio and strength training balanced by stretching and body alignment exercises geared specifically for the dancer's needs.

Teen Krump

Tuesday | 4:15–4:55 | Urbanity Central

Often confused with its cousin hip hop, Krump is a hard hitting and aggressive form of street dance created and popularized by young black dancers in California. Krump exists to provide a positive and uplifting expression of aggression: the high energy, exaggerated, and expressive movement provides both a physical and emotional outlet. Characterized by intense movement, Krump is a deeply personal form of dance that is rooted in liberating oppressed people through movement.

Teen Breakdancing

Wednesday | 6:30–7:25 | Urbanity Central

Come learn all the styles of the original form of hip hop. We will cover uprocking, downrocking, power moves and freezes. Dancers will focus on freestyle and musicality. We require that our break dancing class be paired with a hip hop technique class.


Wednesday | 5:45–6:40 | UDHQ

Pointe I

Wednesday | 5:45–6:40 | UDHQ

Upper level dancers interested in training in pre-pointe/pointe must also be enrolled in Teen II or Teen III, and Teen II/III ballet class. Students will build the ankle strength and foot detexterity necessary for dancing en pointe in a safe environment with a sensitivity to healthy anatomical alignment and technique. Class will build from barre exercises to center work as strength and stamina develop.

Leaps and Turns

Friday | 5:30–6:25 | UDHQ

ensembles primary banner.jpg

Youth Company

This is an audition-based class for students interested in building performance skills and strengthening the mental skill of learning contemporary dance choreography. Youth Company members will serve as Urbanity’s ambassadors in at least three community performances per year; past performance venues have included the Boston Children’s Museum, the ICA, and a number of dance festivals in the Boston area.

Participation in youth company requires commitment to an attendance policy, as well as enrollment in the below technique classes based on level. All registrants will be contacted with details on the audition date and process.

Youth Co Junior
Monday |6:30–7:25 | UDHQ

Youth Co Senior
Monday | 6:00–7:15 | UDHQ

Hip Hop Crew

This is an audition based class for students interested in high caliber performance opportunities beyond Spring Showcase! Mini Hip Hop Crew members will serve as Urbanity’s ambassadors in three community performances per year; past performance venues have included the Boston Children’s Museum, the ICA, and numerous dance festivals. As representatives of Urbanity Dance, participation in Mini Hip Hop Crew requires commitment to an attendance policy.

Students who participate in Hip Hop Crew are required to be enrolled in at least one hip hop technique class. All registrants will be contacted with details on the audition date and process.'

Crew Junior
Tuesday | 5:15–6:10 | UDHQ

Crew Senior
Tuesday | 5:00–6:15 | Urbanity Central

Accelerated Training Bundle

This is perfect for dancers looking to advance their dance training or who want the option of pursuing dance as a career. Any dancer registered for 7.5 hours or more of teen level II+ classes and corresponding electives of any genre will pay a flat rate. Any class taken after 7.5 hours is free, excluding private lessons.

Access for All: Urbanity Dance believes that everyone deserves access to quality dance education. To help with this need, we offer flexible payment plans as well as need based scholarships for all ages, regardless of previous dance experience.