IMG_6155 - Shirah Burgey.jpg

Shirah Burgey

Day Job: Physical Therapist

Biggest Dance Dream: Either choreograph and present an entire showcase of work or be a dancer in the Cell Block Tango

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: On the treadmill

Loves: Food, working out, and shopping

Tia_192-Edit - Tia DeVincenzo.jpg

Tia DeVincenzo

Day Job: Dance Teacher and Yoga Instructor

Biggest Dance Dream: Teach at international festivals around the world

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: The aisles of the grocery store

Loves: Reading, cake, photography

11115714_10206222362340112_1015911164009541750_n (2) (1) - Francisco Garcia.jpg

Francisco J. Garcia

Day Job: PhD Student at MIT studying Neuroscience

Biggest Dance Dream: To choreograph an entire show incorporating pieces from all styles

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: In public..those moments when you are listening to music on the T running though choreography and people look at you funny

Loves: Sleep, taking long walks at night, eating-bread...bread is good

IMG_0468_2 - Stefanie Gordon.jpg

Stefanie Gordan

Day Job: Second year Doctorate of Occupational Therapy student at MGH Institute of Health Professions

Biggest Dance Dream: To go on tour

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Rooftops

Loves: Fitness, going out to eat, sandwiches, my Shih Tzu, turquoise, my mom, friends, family, and warm weather

giddings - Kristen Giddings.jpg

Kristen Giddings

Day Job: Journalist at The Eagle-Tribune

Biggest Dance Dream: Travel internationally on tour

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: The newsroom

Loves: Traveling, concerts, camping, and sports games

SDF Headshot.jpg

Michaela Henry

Day Job: Education Coordinator and Company Intern at Urbanity Dance, and Graduate Student at Boston University

Biggest Dance Dream: Being able to dance for as long as I can. I have a lot of different dance dreams.

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: The streets of Florence, Italy

Loves: Pittsburgh (Go Steelers and Penguins!), my family and friends, dogs, traveling, sleep, Marvel movies, cooking, musical theatre, working with kids

IMG_6092_6890 - Lara Hyde.jpg

Lara Hyde

Day Job: Nutrition science communicator

Biggest Dance Dream: Performing when I’m 90

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Tufts campus while filming my Dance your PhD entry

Loves: Science podcasts, nutrition research, hiking with my poodle, cross-country skiing, fruits and vegetables, mushroom foraging and musical theater

Hyland_Colby_Photo - Colby Hyland.jpg

Colby Hyland

Day Job: Medical Student at Harvard Medical School

Biggest Dance Dream: To perform on every continent

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: A volcanic crater rim

Loves: Geography, science, travel, and nature

web3 - Carrie Kerstein.jpg

Carrie Kerstein

Day Job: Speech-Language Pathologist

Biggest Dance Dream: A dream fulfilled with Urbanity- dancing on the outdoor stage at Jacob's Pillow

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Long, deserted hallways

Loves: Walking in cities, coffees, grande allegro, the International Phonetic Alphabet

IMG_3124 - Heather Larsen.jpg

Heather Larsen

Day Job: Middle School Instructional Assistant

Biggest Dance Dream: To dance on every continent

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: In the hallways at work

Loves: Teaching, ASL, Show Choir

00D1350C-494F-4DEE-BEDD-167E5C12AE4C - Nell Mancini.jpeg

Nell Mancini

Day Job: College Student

Biggest Dance Dream: Getting to choreograph a full show

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Boston Public Transportation

Loves: Photography, chocolate, puppies

Casey Marchek Urbanity Photo - Casey Marchek.jpg

Casey Marchek

Day Job: Nanny

Biggest Dance Dream: To dance and perform in some elaborate production like Cirque de Soleil

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Underwater

Loves: Playing the piano

photo - Mackenzie McDonald.jpg

Mackenzie McDonald

Day Job: Full-time undergraduate at MIT

Biggest Dance Dream: Master the art of making every movement seem effortless

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Any aisle of the supermarket

Loves: Aquariums, fireplaces, grocery shopping, Halloween, and mozzarella sticks

IMG_2364 - genny mudd.jpg

Genny Mudd

Day Job: Occupational Therapist

Biggest Dance Dream: To dance on Broadway

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: The Boston Common

Loves: Musicals, cold brew, leggings, and cats

IMG_1521 - Danielle Pastuszak.jpg

Danielle Pastuszak

Day Job: Third year Doctorate of Physical Therapy student at MGH Institute of Health Professions

Biggest Dance Dream: Dancing into my 90's

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: There is no place too weird for dance

Loves: Autumn, tea, dark chocolate, organization, winter hiking, cooking, and adventure


Maria Perry

Day Job: Engineer at a Biotech Company

Biggest Dance Dream: Keep dancing until I'm an eccentric old lady ballet teacher

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: On the T

Loves: Bookstores, baking, traveling, trivia, & grilled cheese sandwiches

Colleen Roddy Headshot - Colleen Roddy.jpg

Colleen Roddy

Day Job: Physical Therapist

Biggest Dance Dream: To go on tour

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: In an elevator for a dance performance

Loves: Iced coffee and Reese's

OV8A7694 - jessica Ruiz.jpg

Jessica Ruiz

Day Job: Biology major at Brandeis University, EMT

Biggest Dance Dream: To dance on tour with a professional company

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: The lab

Loves: Fellowship, Being outdoors, Dogs, Photography, and Exploring

Josephine Schneider.jpeg

Josephine Schneider

Day Job: I currently have two part time jobs working at a gym and at an escape room!

Biggest Dance Dream: To dance in every continent.

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Probably outside in public while walking to rehearsal.

Loves: I love anything health and fitness related and I also love animals :)

KateShepard_Dance_Color - Kate Shepard.jpg

Kate Shepard

Day Job: Communications at a creative marketing studio for architecture and real estate

Biggest Dance Dream: Batsheva Dance Company (or Beyonce's backup dancer)

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Flash mob in Vancouver International Airport

Loves: Food (especially pulled pork), family, friends, traveling the world with my camera, big fluffy dogs, giant pandas, Canada, and attending networking events to learn more about the creative, innovative, and social entrepreneurship world

IMG_3824 - Jillee St.Martin (2).JPG

Jillee St.Martin

Day Job: Student, Feminist

Biggest Dance Dream: To be infinitely happy in whatever and wherever the dance world takes me.

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Down grocery store aisles.

Loves: My cats, discovering new music, Harry Potter, conspiracy theories and personality tests, Stranger Things, my family, and living life to the fullest.

chicago dance photo - Taylor Thistle.jpg

Taylor Thistle

Day Job: Dance Teacher

Biggest Dance Dream: to be on a world tour with a recording artist

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Grocery store aisles

Loves: Hiking, hot yoga, dogs & watching true crime shows

Mikella Van Dyke.jpg

Mikella Van Dyke

Day Job: Mama-bear and Blogger

Biggest Dance Dream: To perform at the Joyce Theater

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: The Airport

Loves: My kiddos, Mango & Sticky Rice, Chocolate, and hiking

Logan Vonada.jpeg

Logan Vonada

Day Job: Graduate Student at Emerson College

Biggest Dance Dream: Professor at a University

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Waiting for the T

Loves: Theatre, Dogs, the gym, philosophy

Headshot - Juliana Willey.jpg

Juliana Willey

Day Job: George P. Johnson Experience Marketing- Office Manager, Dance Teacher

Biggest Dance Dream: To be on Broadway or to dance on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: The shower

Loves: Family, friends, yoga, psychology, coffee, lipstick