Movement Mends

This community program offers empowering dance classes and movement workshops to under-served populations in the Boston area. The program was first piloted in 2012 to offer a safe and welcoming space for individuals who have experienced incarceration, homelessness or abuse. Since then, participants of all ages and walks of life have witnessed the hope and healing that movement offers. 

Led by an Urbanity professional artist and a team of volunteers, each class is uniquely designed to give participants a physical and emotional voice through movement--a voice they may be denied elsewhere. Participants learn techniques ranging from contemporary to hip hop to world dance. Through the power of movement, they learn to communicate, connect, and empathize. 

Classes can be tailored to various locations, including shelters, hospitals, and juvenile detention centers.

Interested in scheduling a workshop or residency? Contact us at

Current Partners: 

  • Women’s Lunch Place

  • Department of Youth Services (DYS)


“The dance group was inspiring and broke my shyness.” -DYS participant, age 16