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2019-2020 Leveling System

Why did you change your leveling system?

Our Director of Education, Leilani, took the time to rework our leveling system to work towards providing the best possible dance education for all of our students. We understand that there may be some confusion, but we believe that the pedagogical improvements will make it all worth it! We have done away with most of our split levels (except for Ballet Teen II/III) in order to create a leveling system that is direct and clear-cut.  

primary banner.jpeg

Primary I

Ages 6-8

Primary II

Ages 7-9

Primary Electives

Ages 8-12

Primary III

Ages 10-12

For children ages 7 and 8 deciding between Primary I or II, we recommend I for students just beginning and II for students with dance experience! We’re happy to assist you with choosing the correct level—email us at studio@urbanitydance.org to get started!

teen banner.jpg

Teen I

Ages 13+ and has prior dance experience (completed our primary programs or has equivalent experience)

Teen III

13+ with faculty recommendation

Teen II

Ages 13+ with faculty recommendation

Teen Beginner

Ages 13+ and new to dance classes

ensembles primary banner.jpg

Primary: Ages 6+

Junior and Senior: Placement audition