Cecilie Elie

Day Job: Student at Fontbonne Academy

Biggest Dance Dream: To become a world famous dancer

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: In the middle of Time Square NYC

Loves: family, friends, pizza, baking, the beach





Sophia Esposito

Day Job: Student at Phillips Academy Andover

Dream: to be dancing everyday in New York City 

Weirdest place: my kitchen 

Loves other than dance: iced coffee my family shopping Frank Ocean


Meena Jay 

Day Job: Student

Biggest Dance Dream: Performing with a professional company and owning my own dance studio

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: The airport 

Loves: Music, cute dogs, reading poetry, makeup, creme brûlée, and my bed!

Abbey Malec-Kenyon

Day Job: Student, Dancer, Choreographer, Assistant Teacher, Babysitter

Biggest Dance Dream: Performer or Choreographer for a Professional Company

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Restaurants, public streets

Loves: Family, Friends, Music, Photography, Animals, Shopping, Beaches, Food, Movies, Traveling, Tumbling

dance shot - Kercine Elie (2).jpeg
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James O'Gilvie

Day Job: Student at Boston Latin School

Biggest Dance Dream: Becoming a member of the Alvin Ailey Company and dancing with Beyonce

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: I dance everywhere

Loves: Lego architecture, my cats, Maine 

20171008_weldon_1862-3 - Hope Weldon.jpg

Hope Weldon

Day Job: Student

Biggest Dance Dream: A lifelong professional career in dance

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: In the car

Loves: Baking, Netflix, and time with friends