Urbanity High School Internships

Urbanity has two internship opportunities available for high school students interested in exploring and experiencing arts administration and dance education! These internships allow students to develop transferable skills while working in a high-energy, fast-paced arts setting. 

Internships are unpaid, but students can receive free dance training through our school, and will receive numerable skills and opportunities through this experience!


    As an Urbanity Dance intern you will:

·       Work alongside professional teachers, dancers, and other artistic administrators

·       Understand the creative process from curriculum to class to performance, all under the lens of a nonprofit business model

·       Gain hands-on experience in all aspects of an artistic company environment

·       Receive on-the-job training in growing an organization and a broad perspective on arts administration

·       Immerse yourself in a creative, supportive environment


    Interns receive:

·       Free dance classes

·       Two tickets to performances

·       Skills transferable to any professional environment

·       An eye-opening and sometimes life changing experience about what happens behind the scenes of a quickly accelerating nonprofit dance   organization


    Arts Administration Intern

Projects may include:

·       Professional phone calling

·       Organization of space, props, costumes, and other performance materials

·       Office organization and prioritization including filing or data management

·       Assistance in schedule creation and implementation

·       Experience with professional emailing and communications

Friends may say you’re: Organized, focused, a fast learner, open to new opportunities, a  quick worker, great working with others, confident communicating information with others   

Who believes: A well-oiled machine produces the best product, working from the ground up for a powerful center of creativity and dance!


    Dance Education Intern

 Projects may include:

·       Assist in classrooms based on interest of interns, ranging from 6 months to 11 years old

·       Develop communication and confidence skills for teaching

·       Familiarize oneself with Urbanity’s curriculum including the elements of dance and child development for babies’/kids’ classes

·       Understand the process growing from curriculum to rehearsals to performance

Friends may say you’re:  open to new opportunities, warm and welcoming, comfortable speaking and moving in front of groups, good with kids and parents, a good team player        

Who believes:  dance is a powerful tool for healing and bringing people together, especially beginning in the classroom. Dance is for all, and can save lives, build futures, and heal communities. 



        Ready to apply? Email a resume and cover letter to ask@urbanitydance.org and include the internship you’re applying for in the subject header!