Dorothy Cherry


Dorothy Cherry was born August 5, 1994 and is a native of Atlanta, GA. There she trained at the Decatur School of Ballet in Decatur, GA starting at the age of 4. She continued to train in Decatur up until attending Tri-Cities High School with an acceptance into the dance magnet program. At Tri-Cities she worked such artists such as Camille Brown, Dawn Axam, Bridgette Moore, Juel Lane, and more. After graduating she received a scholarship to the Boston Conservatory, and graduated with her BFA in Dance at The Boston Conservatory in May 2016. There she worked with Danny Burcheski, Dwight Rhoden, Uri Sands, Darrell Moultrie, and Andrea Miller; as well as the faculty of the conservatory: Marcus Schulkind, Adrianna Suarez, Denise Pons, Tommy Neblett, Jimmy Viera, Leslie Woodies, and more.