Creative Class Show
Nov. 30 & Dec. 1 | 7:30 p.m.

Urbanity Underground is a group of accomplished dancers who are pursuing various professions or advanced studies by day but still want to stay connected to dance at a high level. Our Junior Apprentices are high school students ages 14+ who aspire to one day dance with a professional company. Come and let Urbanity’s Creative Class wow you at their next performance — Convergence at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge.

Check out what some of Underground’s choreographers have to say about Convergence:

Danielle Pastuszak.PNG

Danielle Pastuszak

Title of piece: 37

Day job: Physical therapist

What inspired your piece?

That's something very difficult to sum up. At least this time around, it's been human emotion and interaction.


Carrie Kerstein

Title of piece: Appartiens

Day Job: Speech-language pathologist

What inspired your piece?

 Now in my 11th season with Urbanity, I am choreographing this piece as a tribute to this unique dance community.

Lara Hyde.PNG
Mikella Van Dyke.PNG

Lara Hyde

Title of piece: TBD

Day Job: Nutrition Science Communicator/Youtuber

What inspired your piece?

 My piece is inspired by the idea of major life decisions causing diverging paths and the universal curiosity to explore what would have happened on the other path. I feel that I'm at the nexus of a big decision, so creating this piece has helped me put names on my feelings, including desire for independence, identity, connection and regret.


Mikella Van Dyke

Title of piece: The Ark

Day job: Mom/blogger/dance studio owner

What inspired your piece?

The Bible :)