Richie Feathers

Training: Tim McGuire's Dance Centre, State University of New York at Oneonta, DanceWorks Boston

Day job: Shift Manager at Starbucks in Davis Square

Biggest dance dream: To perform in a production of "Billy Elliot"

Loves: Rock and roll, music history, writing, reading, cooking (and eating), cats, people and conversations


Dave Heard

Education: Alvin Ailey/Fordham University program, BA in English/Creative Writing

Day Job: Wedding singer, Bar Mitzvah dancer, fitness instructor at Equinox

Dream Role to Dance:  Fiyero in Wicked on the Broadway Stage



Lee Skunes

Training: Trollwood Performing Arts School, MSUM Summerstock Theater

Education: Boston Conservatory, BFA in Musical Theater

Day Job: Yoga Teacher at Coolidge Corner Yoga and Equinox

Biggest Dance Dream: Being in a professional paid modern dancecompany while performing in a theater show at night!


Ryan Valente

Education: Northern Essex: 2008 - 2010, Paralegal Studies; Suffolk University: 2010 - 2012 Applied Legal Sciences

Day Job: Paralegal at the Department of Developmental Services, Commonwealth of MA

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: (ALL THE TIME AND WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND): In a moonlit field, barefoot, Isadora Duncan style! I LOVE it!!! It is truly unadulterated nourishment for the soul, mind and body. 

LOVES: CrossFit, ANY companion animal, Mother-nature at her worst, Super NES Video games (for those of you who can remember those), and documentaries


Ilya Vidrin

Education: Northeastern University, BS in Neuroscience, Harvard University, Master's in Human Development

Day Job: PhD student in Dance and Choreology

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Rooftops, docks, and under bridges

LOVES: Stuffed peppers, oceans, garlic bread, and snowboarding


Kurt Joyce

Training: Emerson College Dance Minor Program

Day Job: Community Associate at Lyft

Biggest Dance Dream: To dance on the same stage as Lady Gaga.

Loves: Educational opportunity, personal expression and peanut butter!



Tyler Catanella, Christopher Kinsey, Tyree Constantine, Darnell Brown, Ashton Lites, Alex Smith, Ansy Kabreau, Dave Heard, Hai Dang Nguyen, Jose Miguel Rodriguez, Peter Mazurowski, Theo Martinez, Junichi Fukuda