Urban and World Dance  

Urban and World Dance expands the horizons of Boston Public School students through culturally relevant dance instruction. The curriculum was first piloted in 2012 and has successfully been implemented at the elementary and secondary grade levels — both in school and after school. 

We introduce students to the fundamentals of hip hop and contemporary dance, inviting them to examine traditional and popular dance styles from Central and South America, West Africa, India and the Caribbean. By exploring these dances in a cultural context, students connect their own experiences to those of other peoples.

Urbanity’s professional teaching artists encourage individuals to discover their own choreographic voice and expression. Our instructors are equipped to work with English Language Learners and students with special needs, using movement to breakdown barriers within the classroom and beyond.

Participants who complete the program have access to high-quality dance instruction, performances and mentorship through Urbanity. Each student is invited to train further at the Urbanity School through our Access and Opportunity program.

Current School Partners:
Brighton High School
Charlestown High School
Excel High School
Hurley K-8 School
Lee Academy
William McKinley Schools

For more information or to partner with Urbanity, contact Jerusha Aman // community@urbanitydance.org


“Dance to me means expression. Class has impacted me in many ways. It gave me a chance to dance styles that  I never did before and to try something new. If I never met my World Dance teacher than I wouldn’t be taking classes outside of school.” -BPS Participant 2014


Funded in part by the BPS Arts Expansion Initiative, a multi-year initiative focused on access, equity and quality arts learning for BPS students.