2017 Urbanity Student Showcase


Saturday, June 3, 11:00am and 2:30pm 

Boston University's Tsai Performance Center

685 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

 Directions and Parking Information here

When deciding which time(s) to purchase tickets for, please reference the following show casting order by clicking on the time: 

2:30 PM Showcase >>

Baby Groove, M 3:45pm

Baby Groove, T 3:45pm

Baby Groove, W 3:45pm

Kids Groove, M 3:45pm

Kids Groove, W 4:30pm

Kids Tap and Tumble, Th 3:45pm

Level I Contempo, M 4:00pm

Level I Contempo, Th 4:30pm

Level I Contempo, F 4:00pm

Level I Hip Hop, M 5:30pm

Level I Hip Hop, W 3:45pm

Level I Hip Hop, F 5:30pm

Level I/II Acro, M 5:00pm

Level I/II Acro, M 5:30pm

Level I/II Acro, W 4:45-5:15pm

Level I/II Acro, Th 5:30pm

Level I/II Acro, F 5:00pm

Youth Co I/II, M 4:30pm

Level II Contempo, T 4:30pm

Level II Hip Hop, W 5:30pm

Level III Contempo Semi-Private, W 6:45pm

Level III/IV Hip Hop, Th 6:15pm

Level III/IV Acro, Th 7:15pm

Level IV/V Hip Hop, W 8:15pm

Hip Hop Crew

Hip Hop Crew

11:00am Show >>

Baby Groove, Th 11:00am

Baby Groove, S 10:15am

Kids Groove, T 4:30pm

Kids Groove, Th 3:45pm

Kids Groove, S 11:00am

Kids Groove, S 12:15pm

Kids Tap and Tumble, S 11:00am

Boys Dance I, T 5:15pm

Boys Dance II, W 5:15pm

Level I Contempo, S 12:00pm

Level I Hip Hop, Th 3:45pm

Level I Hip Hop, S 1:30pm

Level I/II Acro, Th 4:45pm

Level I/II Acro, S 1:00pm

Level I/II Tap, Th 4:30pm

Level II Contempo, F 4:00pm

Level II Contempo, S 9:30am

Level II Hip Hop, Th 5:15pm

Level II/III/IV Improv, S 11:30am

Level III Contempo, S 1:30pm

Level III Contempo Semi-Private, M 4:30

Level III/IV Contempo, T 6:45pm

Youth Co III/IV, M 5:30pm

Level IV Contempo Semi-Private, M 7:00pm

Level IV/V Contempo, S 1:00pm

Trainee (Wednesday participants)


Dress Rehearsal for the performance takes place on Thursday June 1st and Friday June 2nd. Please view the schedule here. 


Every class will have full group shots taken immediately after their dress rehearsal time slot. To sign up for a solo dance shot, please preregister with a $20 deposit here: http://mikenymanphotography.com/project/ud/

All photos will be available to view online and purchase after the showcase. 


Urbanity offers program Shout-Outs for dancers in the School Showcase! Text-only shout-outs or image based features are available. See examples and learn more here.


Student's Name:

If you have yet to pay your $40 costume fee, please do so here: 

If you are unsure if you have paid, email Haley Day at 




Kevin Jenkins will be filming the 11:00am and 2:30pm Student Showcases. DVD's of each showcase performance will be available for order at $25 each. Orders can be placed in the office, and checks can be made out to Kevin Jenkins. All orders placed after June 3 will be charged a $5.00 late fee.