Dress Rehearsal 

Dress Rehearsal is held at the Boston University Tsai Performance Center. Students should arrive in costume 20-30 minutes before their rehearsal time to ensure everyone is ready to go. The rehearsal runs quickly and students who are late will miss their rehearsal slot. Parking is limited so please plan accordingly. 

Thursday, May 31st

3:00-3:08 Kids Groove M 3:45-4:25pm

3:09-3:17 Kids Groove T 4:15-4:55pm

3:18-3:26 Kids Groove W 4:15-4:55pm

3:27-3:35 Kids Groove S 10:30-11:10am

3:36-3:44 Kids Groove S 12:45-1:25pm

3:45-3:53 Kids Groove Th 3:45-4:25pm

3:54-4:02 Level I Hip Hop M 4-4:55pm

4:03-4:11Level I Hip Hop F 5:30-6:25pm

4:12-4:20 Level I Hip Hop S 2-2:55pm

4:21-4:29 Level I Hip Hop W 5-5:55pm

4:30-4:38 Level I Hip Hop Th 4:45-5:40pm

4:39-4:47 Level I Contempo S 12:30-1:25pm

4:48-4:56 Level I Contempo Th 4:30-5:25pm

4:57-5:05 Level I Contempo F 4-4:55pm

5:06-5:14 Youth Company I/II M 4:15-5:10pm

5:15-5:23 Kids Tap and Tumble S 12-12:40pm

5:24-5:28 Level I/II Acro F 5-5:25pm

5:29-5:33 Level I/II Acro M 5-5:25pm

5:34-5:38 Level I/II Acro M 5:30-5:55pm

5:39-5:43 Level I/II Acro W 4:30-4:55pm

5:44-5:49 Level I/II Acro S 1:30-1:55pm

5:50-5:54 Level I/II Acro T 4:45-5:10pm

5:55-5:59 Level I/II Acro Th 5:30-5:55pm

6:00-6:04 Level I/II Acro Th 5:45-6:10pm


7:04-7:12 Level III/IV Acro Th 8-8:55pm

7:11-7:19 Level I/II Ballet T 3:45-4:40pm

7:20-7:30 Mini Hip Hop Crew W 3:45-4:25pm

7:31-7:39 Level II Hip Hop Th 6:15-7:10pm

7:40-7:50 Level II Contempo W 5:15-6:40pm

7:51-7:59 Level II Hip Hop M 5:30-6:25pm

8:00-8:08 Level III/V/IV Ballet F 4-5:25pm

8:09-8:17 Level II Contempo S 1:30-2:55pm

8:18-8:26 Break Dancing I W 7-7:55pm

8:27-8:35 Level IV/V Contempo/Modern Th 5:15-6:10pm

8:36-8:44 Select Group 1 (trio)

8:45-8:53 Level III/IV Hip Hop W 4:30-5:25pm

8:54-9:02 Level IV/V Hip Hop W 8-8:55pm

9:03-9:11 Hip Hop Crew W 5:30-6:55pm

9:12-9:20 Teen Contempo W 6:45-8:40pm

9:21-9:30 Select Group 2 (small groups) 

9:30-9:40 Break 

9:30-10 Overflow


Friday, June 1st 

3:30-3:38 Level III/IV/V Jazz S 1-2:55pm

3:39-3:47 TAP

3:48-3:56 Youth Company III/IV/V M 5:30-6:55pm

3:57-4:05 Boys Dance I T 5:15-5:55pm

4:06-4:14 Youth Company III M 4:30-5:25pm

4:15-4:23 Improv II/III/IV S 11:30-12:55pm


4:23-4:31 Level III/V/IV Ballet T 6-7:25pm


4:41-4:49 Level III/IV Contempo/Modern T 5-5:55pm



5:08-5:30 Overflow