Sofi Andrews

Training: The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, dancEnlight Pre Professional Company

Biggest Dance Dream: a dance where purposefully flawed ballet technique is choreograph into a somehow awesome piece

Loves: Fried mozzarella, hugs, turning oversized tops into dresses,  funny faces and sounds, and improv in the dark.



Jessica Ruiz

Training: Betty Gundersen Studio of Dance, Massachusetts Academy of Ballet

Day Job: Student at Quaboag Regional Middle/High School

Biggest Dance Dream: To make an impact, no matter the size

Loves: Nature, Family and Friends, Thanksgiving, Watching sports, Summer, Rain, MUSIC



Emma Bradley

Training: North Shore Dance Academy

Day Job: Student

Biggest Dance Dream: To dance with Shaping Sound company or offered to teach at a dance convention
Loves:Coffee, big snow storms, fuzzy socks, Christmas, Christmas music, New York City, and the Patriots  


Jillee St. Martin

Training: Mariana’s Dancing Studio, Urbanity Dance.

Day Job: Student, Feminist.

Biggest Dance Dream: I’ve heard that if you love what you’re doing, you never really work a day in your life. My biggest dance dream is to be infinitely happy in whatever and wherever the dance world takes me.

Loves: My cats Philip and Estella, discovering new music, Harry Potter, conspiracy theories and personality tests, Stranger Things, kindred spirits, my family, and living life to the fullest.



Nicole Petersen

Training: Thomas School of Dance, Morita's School of Dance

Day Job: High-School Student

Biggest Dance Dream: TO dance with Beyonce or Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Loves: Hugs, movement, singing, theatre, laughing, and friends



Abbey Malec-Kenyon

Training: The Dance Academy of Siagel Productions and Joanne Langione Dance Center

Day Job: High school student and assistant dance teacher

Biggest Dance Dream: Performing with a professional company and mentoring young dancers

Loves: Smiling, dogs, hugs, dance, music, positivity


Nell Mancini

Training: Acton School of Ballet, Urbanity Dance, Kathy Blake Dance Studio

Day Job: Assistant Dance Teacher, Student

Biggest Dance Dream: To choreograph a full show sometime in my life.
Loves: Reading, the rain, music, chocolate, muffins, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and mashed potatoes


Madeline Sopel

Training: A Fine Dance Studio & Mass Motion Dance Academy

Day Job:

Biggest Dance Dream: Move to NYC and dance with a professional contemporary ballet company

Loves: New music, going to the beach, Drake, and Jeeps



Gabriela Gil

Training: Ballet Arts Worcester, the Dance place inc., Urbanity Dance, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Biggest Dance Dream: Jasmine in the Broadway version of Aladdin

LOVES: puppies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, mocha iced coffee, Ellie Goulding and Christmas