Nicole Petersen

Training: Thomas School of Dance

Biggest Dance Dream: To make a living from dance

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Calculus Class, all the time

Loves: Theatre, people, languages, working with children






Abbey Malec-Kenyon

Training: The Dance Academy of Siagel Productions and Joanne Langione Dance Center

Biggest Dance Dream: Performing with a professional company and mentoring young dancers

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Grocery store

Loves: Music, friends, family, dogs, positivity



Nell Mancini

Training: Acton School of Ballet, Urbanity Dance

Biggest Dance Dream: Setting a work on a group of dancers I auditioned and chose myself 

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Chemistry Lab

Loves: Reading, Writing, Random Photography, Petting Random Dogs, and Art Museums



Gabriela Gil

Training: The Hanover Theatre Conservatory for The Performing Arts, Urbanity 

Biggest Dance Dream: To be a company member with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Company

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: In a fountain

LOVES: Chip the bunny, fuzzy socks, chocolate chip cookies and mocha ice coffee 




James O'Gilvie

Training: Boston Ballet School, Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive, Urbanity Dance

Biggest Dance Dream: Becoming a member of the Alvin Ailey Company and dancing with Beyonce

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: I dance everywhere

Loves: Lego architecture, my cats, Maine 

UDSI_Frannie - 2.jpg

Frances Watson

Training: Betty Gundersen Studio of Dance, The Massachusetts Academy of Ballet

Biggest Dance Dream: To become a professional dancer

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: Anywhere, everywhere, no place is off limits

Loves: Sleeping, singing, family and friends




Meena Jay 

Training: Nancy Chippendale's Dance Studio, Urbanity Dance

Biggest Dance Dream: Performing with a professional company and owning my own dance studio

Weirdest Place Found Dancing: The airport 

Loves: Music, cute dogs, reading poetry, makeup, creme brûlée, and my bed!