Chantal Doucett

Choreography Fellow

Training: Hartt School of the Performing Arts, BFA in Dance

Favorite Work Done for Urbanity: 21+ has to be my favorite work to date. It is the best representation of my choreographic style and personality. The red solo cups were so fun to work with and creating a club scene that was tasteful was a fun challenge.

Choreographic Inspiration: My inspiration for choreography is constantly varying depending on what the work is for, who will be performing the work, where the venue is, etc. Sometimes I will decide on a type of music I would like to use or stumble upon a really awesome beat. Other times I will pull inspiration from life experiences or the people closest to me. 

LOVES: My dogs and expresso martinis

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Kate Patten Cook

Choreography Fellow

Training: The Esther Center, Palm Beach Ballet, Ballet Florida

Favorite Work Done for Urbanity: Tiempo choreographed to Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons.  I was so inspired by the dancers and the beautiful music - I'd love to return to it one day and build more sections and movement!

Choreographic Inspiration: I grew up playing classical piano and have always been a music-driven creature.  I love listening to music to deconstruct all of its different layers and moods and melodies, and I try to see shape and movement and mood in those musical elements.  I am constantly inspired by my dancers in rehearsals - sometimes the moves that come out of their bodies are much more fluid and organic than the ones that come out of my brain.  And when that happens, I absolutely love it.

LOVES:  Going to the ballet, the smell of dryer sheets, beef jerky, and traveling