Urbanity's High School Credit Bearing Program

Now you can spend time dancing while earning high school credit! Urbanity Dance is now offering a credit bearing program in partnership with schools. Students will study dance at our South End studio after school and can choose between two tracks of study: urban dance and contemporary dance.

Each track's course takes place for two hours once per week. Read more about each track's coursework below!

Interested in more information? Contact Jerusha Aman, Director of Education, at jerusha@urbanitydance.org / 617-572-3727.


+Contemporary Dance

The Contemporary Dance track allows students to learn technique appropriate to their age and level. Students will spend two hours of class learning ballet, modern, and jazz technique. Benefits include cardio exercise, strength and flexibility, problem-solving skills, the ability to work in teams, musicality, a heightened mind-body connection, improvisation skills, and increased confidence.

+Urban Dance

The Urban Dance track incorporates hip hop and acrobatics and is appropriate to each student's age and level. Classes include warm-ups, technique lessons and choreography work so students can apply their new skills directly in the classroom. Students will spend 1 hour of the class learning hip hop techniques such as isolations, popping and locking, breaking and krump. The next hour of class is dedicated to learning the fundamentals of acrobatics, an area of movement that melds with dance techniques to enhance a dancer's overall performance skills.