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Martin Case


Background: Creates music and media for clients like MIT, Jon Butcher, and John Anthony under Case & Rosenthal Productions.  

Urbanity Projects Worked On: Sun Queen, Urbanity Summer Intensive, Urbanity at the ICA 2014, Urbanity performance at the Red Lantern

Favorite Part of Urbanity Collaboration: This is contemporary, not modern, dance, sorely needed in this town! Betsi is a great leader; many thanks for both her vision and her execution. Also, love hanging  out with her artistic crew at each gig!


Ryan Edwards


Background: Has worked with Federator N1, PhenomenArts, Inc., Concord Academy, Boston Ballet, Harvard Dance Department, Boston Conservatory

Urbanity Projects Worked On: "msg/rcvd", choreographed by Betsi Graves for <3 > Hate