The Circle of Supporters is Urbanity's inner-circle volunteer organization.

Members of the COS are sent bi-weekly e-mails with insider updates from the Urbanity staff, and volunteer opportunities in the near future. Updates include advance information about masterclasses, community performances and other opportunities. Volunteering can mean anything from distributing posters for shows, to helping with Development Events, to painting walls and moving furniture! 

If you are interested in being a member of the Circle of Supporters, just fill out the form below!

The 2014/15 Circle of Supporters

Amanda Alef

Angel Veza

Anna Stephenson

Anna Raborn

Danielle Aucoin

Donald Carlson

Furen Dai

Hannah Riggs

Helen Lee

Joshua Newall

Julia Floberg

Julia Hudson

Julia Byrne

Katie Lovell

Kelley Hamilton

Lucy Arthur

Marissa Robinson

Meredith Sogerson

Micaela Huerta

Micaela Niconchuk

Mikella Bryant

Molly Brown

Natalie Pankow

Olivia Nguyen

Piyali Sircar

Thea Wigglesworth