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Philosophy and Vision:

- At the forefront of our existence as artists and educators is a belief that dance empowers communities.

- The children are our future.

- It takes a village.

- We believe in using our talents to encourage children to thrive in creative dance as both a physical art form and creative self-expression.



Urbanity Dance     |     280 Shawmut Ave, #1  Boston, MA 02118     |     617.572.3727     |     ask@urbanitydance.org  

What style of dance is Urbanity?

Urbanity Kid and Youth classes are an award-winning blend of hip hop, contemporary dance, jazz, modern, music, and yoga. Trained professionals use entertaining music and creative exercises to meet the developmental needs of each age group.

Why dance at Urbanity?

Students will:

  1. -Have fun and meet new friends!

  2. -Explore new styles of dance and learn from diverse instructors

  3. -Improve or maintain fitness level (strength, flexibility, and cardio)

  4. -Expand range of motion, coordination, and flexibility

  5. -Artistic expression and creativity through choreography

  6. -Lifelong Learning: teamwork, focus, problem solving

Students ages 2-6 register for semester two beginning January 27.

Urbanity Dance exists to inspire, engage, and empower individuals and communities through the art of dance and movement.