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I AM ________. (May, 2012)

I AM ________. Press Release

Following on the heels of Urbanity’s critically-acclaimed Between the Lines (a Boston Globe Editor’s Pick), “I am ________” is a mixed repertory show that seeks to bring together and showcase the best of what contemporary dance has to offer. Urbanity Associate Director Kat Pantos and Urbanity Underground Director Kate Patten Cook join Graves, Keigwin, and guest choreographers Michelle Chasse, Director of Dance for Musical Theater at Boston Conservatory and New-York based comedian and choreographer, KK Apple, showcasing a total of six new pieces: FAST, FEISTY, STILL, LYING, AIR, and SOFT.


May we collectively find the strength and guts to still move, still step forward, and still dance, no matter what challenges await when we lift our heads from the pillow each morning. May we do anything but just stand still and be daunted. 

Choreographer: Kate Patten Cook

Music: Max Richter

Dancers: Jerusha Aman, Lori Celeste, Chantal Doucett, Vanessa Driscoll, Carolyn Dumser, Jennifer Fo, Kristen Himmelberger, Carrie Kerstein, Erica Ligeski, Meghan O’Hare, Danielle Pastuszak, Lara Park, Amanda Rey


Rock on Rock. Rock on Skin. Skin on Skin.

Choreographer: Betsi Graves

Music: Benzedrine Monks of Santo Domonica, Discovery Osaka Loop-Line, Jeroen Van Veen, Charlotte Martin, Terry Davies & BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Kelly Valeau

Soloist: Tom Kaplan-Maxfield

Dancers: Carolyn Breton, Lisa Cole, Melenie Diarbekirian, Dahne Ledford, Nicole Pavone, Kayla Skerry

Urmaniity Dancers: Jose Clase, Theo Martinez, Ryan Valente


Racing towards the moment when women with bodies are audacious enough to use them.

Choreographer: KK Apple

Music: Yann Tiersen

Dancers: Jerusha Aman, Kate Patten Cook Jennifer Fo, Kristen Himmelberger, Erica Ligeski, Lara Park, Amanda Rey


When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.

Choreographer: Kathleen Pantos

Music: AGF/Delay, Trent Reznor, and Atticus Ross

Dancers: Carolyn Breton, Melenie Diarbekirian, Danielle Pastuszak, Nicole Pavone, Kayla Skerry


Choreographer: Michelle Chassé

Music: Elmer Bernstein   

Dancers: Chantal Doucett, Vanessa Driscoll, Carolyn Dumser, Carrie Kerstein



Choreographer: Larry Keigwin

Rehearsal Director: Jaclyn Walsh

Music: The 5th Dimension and Phillip Glass

Dancers: Carolyn Breton, Lisa Cole, Melenie Diarbekirian, Chantal Doucett, Dahne Ledford, Kat Pantos, Nicole Pavone, Amanda Rey, Kayla Skerry

“The Story of Stuff” PROMO (November, 2010)

Info and Performance Credits

The Story of Stuff Reviews

Inside the making of The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff Press Release

Urbanity Dance’s first holiday revue, inspired by Annie Leonard's animated documentary, The Story of Stuff. Blending professional contemporary dance with entertaining music, costumes, and sets, it inspired all ages and left the audience dancing in their seats!

Choreography: Betsi Graves

Lighting Design: Matt Breton

Set Design: Leah Johnstone-Mosher, Severin Lanfranchi

Set Production: Leah Johnstone-Mosher, Severin Lanfranchi, Patrick Lausell, Tagore Hernandez

Costume Design/Costume Production: Linda Elaz

Music Composition: Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, Deutsches Famorchester Babelsberg, Di, Escala, Efterklang, Florence & The Machine, Libana, The March Hare, Dario Marianelli, Mozart, Mystic Fire, Metallica/Apocoliptica, Frank Nimsgern, Keith Terry & Crosspulse, Royksopp, Tribal Council, Vitamin String Quartet

Vocals: Erica Lustig

Dancers: Jon Arpino, Brett Bell, Kate Patten Cook, Colleen Edwards, Betsi Graves, Carrie Kerstein, Marissa Krolewski, Tabitha Liversidge, Theo Martinez, Adrienne Matthews, Kate McCusker, Kathleen Pantos, Lara Park, Nicole Pavone, Amanda Rey, Hannah Schon, Danielle Stanford, Erica Toedt, Cara Willis, Kristina Wright

MIXTAPE (April, 2011)

Info and Performance Credits


MIXTAPE Press Release

Celebrating its three year anniversary, Urbanity presents an entertaining repertory show which exposes the newly coined “Urbanity Aesthetic.” The Aesthetic has become known for its gutsy, polished product... it’s nod to the classics yet respect for urban funk. Mia Michaels commented “I loved watching their work... beautiful and engaging.” MIXTAPE will feature choreography by Urbanity dancers and internationally sought guest choreographers, including Hani Abaza and Gianni Di Marco.

Production Manager / Lighting Design: Matt Breton

House Manager: Lynda Rieman

Costume Manager: Kathleen Pantos

Sound Operations: Matt Cost

Stage Manager: Mandie Holt

Backstage Manager: Julia Harding

Artistic Director: Betsi Graves

Interim Executive Director: Alexis Cooke

Administrative Interns: Aurelia Corcoran, Hannah Schon

Print Design: Paul Montie

Press Relations: Cara Willis

Company Photographer: Liza Voll

Company Videographer: Bob Packert

One Long Moment

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” - Unknown

Choreography: Hani Abaza

Music: “Out the Window, with the Window” by Tunng

Dancers: Brett Bell, Betsi Graves, Tabitha Liversidge, Kate McCusker, Kathleen Pantos, Nicole Pavone, Danielle Stanford

When Push Comes to Shove

Choreography and Poem: Ryan Casey

Dancers: Kate Cook, Jennifer Fo, Marissa Krolewski, Kate McCusker, Hannah Schon, Erica Toedt

Hand Me the Remote

Choreography: Kathleen Pantos

Music: “Hardest Button to Button” by The White Stripes

Dancers: Jon Arpino and Erica Toedt

Borge in Two Parts (A: Mozart Opera, B: Phonetic Punctuation)

For my family and loved ones, especially my sister, to put a smile on your face :)

Choreography: Tabitha Liversidge

A: Mozart Opera

Music: “A Mozart Opera”  by Victor Borge

Narrator: Adrienne Matthews

Tenor: Brett Bell

Soprano: Cara Willis

Father: Theo Martinez

Chorus: Colleen Edwards, Jennifer Fo, Carrie Kerstein, Marissa Krolewski, Kate McCusker, Megan O’Hare, Danielle Standford, Kristina Wright

Understudy: Hannah Schon

B: Phonetic Punctuation

Music: “Phonetic Punctuation” by Victor Borge

Narrator: Danielle Stanford

Eleanor: Kristina Wright

Henry: Brett Bell

Jennifer Fo

Colleen Edwards

Theo Martinez

Carrie Kerstein

Marissa Krolewski

Kate McCusker

Nicole Pavone

Megan O’Hare

Understudy: Hannah Schon

Where the Sidewalk Ends

“Yes we’ll walk with a walk that is measured and slow,

And we’ll go where the chalk-white arrows go,

For the children, they mark, and the children, they know

The place where the sidewalk ends” - Shel Silverstein

Choreographer: Nicole Pavone

Music: “Saeglopur” by Sigur Ros

Dancers: Betsi Graves, Kathleen Pantos, Erica Toedt


Choreographer: Colleen Edwards

Music: “The Bird and the Worm (Instrumental)” By The Used, “Wisdom Justice and Love” By Lincoln Park, “Blue Lips” By Regina Spektor

Soloist: Tabitha Liversidge

Corps: Kate Cook, Carolyn Dumser, Carrie Kerstein, Nicole Pavone, Amanda Rey, Kristina Wright


Drawing from the science of the human condition, this piece is inspired by the transgenerational epigenetics underlying the transmission of life experiences through a mother, a daughter and a granddaughter, emphasizing the innate connection along the female life line.

Choreographer: Lara Park

Music: “Coda” and “Fern” by Zoe Keating

Soloists: Carolyn Dumser, Betsi Graves, Amanda Rey

with Theo Martiez and Brett Bell

Corps: Kate Cook, Colleen Edwards, Marissa Krolewski, Tabitha Liversidge, Adrienne Matthews, Kristina Wright

If You Don’t Have Spare Change, Just Smile

Choreographer: Theo Martinez

Music: “All You Deliver” by Jose Gonzales, “Justified (ft. Eerin)” by Breakage, “Successful” by Cover Guru, “Reel Life (Evolution II)” by The Cinematic Orchestra

Dancers: Brett Bell, Jennifer Fo, Theo Martinez, Adrienne Matthews, Kate McCusker, Meghan O’Hare, Hannah Schon, Cara Saudelli, Erica Toedt

Looking For Answers

Choreographer: Gianna DiMarco

Music: “Between the Black Hole” by The Vitamin String Quartet, Composed by (Muse)

Dancers: Carolyn Dumser, Carrie Kerstein, Colleen Edwards, Kristina Wright

Going Up

When the bell sounds and the silver doors part, what will await you?

Choreographers: Kate Cook, Carolyn Dumser

Music: “Gobbledigook” by SIgur Ros

Dancer: Amanda Rey

Dum Spiro Spero

This work is dedicated to all fathers whose lives were cut short.  Your memories will forever be embraced. 

Choreographer: Danielle Stanford

Music: “Little Bird” (Instrumental) and “Half Life” (instrumental) by Imogen Heap

Dancers: Brett Bell, Kathleen Pantos, Danielle Stanford

Time Asylum

The mind is a very complex place and when time is short, frustration will build.

Choreographer: Brett Bell

Music: “Unreleased Suite” by Mark Isham

Dancers: Theo Martinez, Adrienne Matthews, Kate McCusker, Amanda Rey, Hannah Schon, Danielle Stanford

“Big Red Door & Other Stories” PROMO (February 2010)

Big Red Door” (February, 2010)

Excerpt from Fourth Movement

“Tralfamadorians don’t see human beings as two-legged creatures.  They see them as giant millipedes - with babies’ legs at one end and people’s legs at the other.  And Tralfamadorians can see how permanent all moments are, and they can look at any moment that interests them.  It is just an illusion we have here on Earth that one moment follows another one, like beads on a string, and that once a moment is gone it is gone forever.”  - Slaughterhouse Five (excerpt)

Choreography by Betsi Graves, in collaboration with dancers

Music: Thom Willem, Thomas Newman, Phillip Glass, Kronos Quartet

Dancers: Betsi Graves, Becky Anderson, Jon Arpino, Whitney Hoke, Theo Martinez, Kat Pantos, Lara Park, Nicole Pavone, Erica Toedt, Kristina Wright

Set Design: Tagore Hernandez and Leah Johnstone-Mosher

“Little Blue Dot” (2010)

In an unique experiment, the score was composed after and for the choreography.

Choreography by Betsi Graves, in collaboration with dancers

Composer: Mu-Xuan Lin

Musicians: Rene Moore (clarinet), David Calvin Robbins (piano), Ethan Wood (violin)

Conductor: Nathan Lofton

Video Design: Andy Lantz

Dancers: Whitney Hoke, Tabitha Liversidge, Kat Pantos

Blog entry: Inspired by GPS and digitized maps.

Excerpt from Installation dance performance, Boston Center for the Arts, 10.30.09.

“Red Smoke Rises” (2010)

Choreography by Michelle Chassé

Music:Elmer Bernstein, Ron Silverman

Dancers: Betsi Graves, Jon Arpino, Carolyn Dumser, Tabitha Liversidge, Lori LoTurco, Claire McGregor, Peter Mills, Meghan O’Hare, Derek St. Pierre, Cara Saudelli Willis

“Little Black Dress” (2010)

Second Movement (excerpt)

Choreography by Betsi Graves

Music:Vitamin String Quartet

Dancers: Kate Patten Cook, Erin Craig, Carolyn Dumser, Claire McGregor, Lara Park, Kristina Wright

“Big White Moon” (2010)

Fourth Movement (excerpt)

Choreography by KK Apple

Music:The Cinematic Orchestra, Ennio Morricone and Yo-Yo Ma, Sigur Ros

Dancers: Betsi Graves, Kate Patten Cook, Jennifer Fo, Whitney Hoke, Marissa Manzare Krolewski, Tabitha Liversidge, Lori LoTurco, Kat Pantos, Lara Park, Cara Saudelli

“Green Grass Grows” (2010)

All flesh is grass: An awe-inspired homage and sacred exploration of grass, the ultimate mediator between soil and sun. 

Choreography by Betsi Graves

Music: “Einstein on the Beach: Knee Play 1” by Michael Reisman and Phillip Glass

Dancers: Kate Patten Cook, Olivia Coombs, Erin Craig, Joseph DiDonato, Carolyn Dumser, Julia Harding, Carrie Kerstein, Marissa Manzare Krolewski, Tabitha Liversidge, Lori LoTurco, Claire McGregor, Meghan O’Hare, Kat Pantos, Lara Park, Nicole Pavone, Danielle Stanford, Erica Toedt, Cara Saudelli Willis, Kristina Wright

“Versus” PROMO (May, 2010)


For Charlie,

        You wanted to know what the bad guys looked like. Now you know. It may happen again. My                         

        job is to take care of you. I was appointed to do that by God. I will kill anyone who touches

        you. Do you understand?


        He sat there cowled in the blanket. After a while he looked up. Are we still the good guys? he


        Yes. We’re still the good guys.

        And we always will be.

        Yes. We always will be.

        -Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Choreographer: Kate Cook

Music: “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt” and “Stem/Long Stem” by DJ Shadow

Dancers: Jon Arpino, Carolyn Dumser, Betsi Graves, Lori LoTurco, Lara Park, Danielle Stanford, Erica Toedt

A to B

What’s the point in trying when you never get anywhere?

Choreographer: Kate Cook

Music: “Overture (for Other Halfs)” by Brian McBride

Dancers: Brenann Stacker with Julia Harding, Carrie Kerstein, Meghan O’Hare, Danielle Stanford

Watch Brenann Stacker promo video


(biology) The first pheromone to be categorized chemically; it is an unsaturated straight-chain alcohol secreted in microgram amounts by females and is capable of attracting males at large distances

Choreography: Jon Arpino, Kate Cook, Carolyn Dumser

Music: “Bucephalus Bouncing Ball” by Aphex Twin

Dancers: Jon Arpino, Kate Cook, Joe DiDonato, Carolyn Dumser, Courtney Grassia, Theo Martinez, Peter Mills, Lara Park


For Amanda DaPonte, Emily Arnold and Jessica Meitzer for being patient special educators and inspiring women. I dedicate this piece to Annie Ferrell of Excellence Boys Charter School of Bedford-Stuyvesant who transformed me from a college student into a reading intervention teacher. She navigates the tensions of urban education with courage and love.

Choreography: Catherine Prefontaine

Music: “Dishwasher” by Fujiya and Miyagi

Dancers: KK Apple, Lindsay Cowan, Amanda McPheeters, Catherine Prefontaine, Michelle Tebsherany

People Are Strange

Choreography: Kat Pantos

Music: “People Are Strange” by the Doors

Dancers: Jennifer Fo, Betsi Graves, Tabitha Liversidge, Erica Toedt

April Showers

Choreography: Betsi Graves

Music: “April Showers, April Tears” by Saul Williams and Stuart Davis

Dancer: Nicole Pavone


Choreography: Betsi Graves

Music: “Kaleidiscope” by Alberto Hernandez (Viernes Viernes)

Music composed for the choreography

Dancers: Brenann Stacker with Kate Cook, Carolyn Dumser, Julie Harding, Carria Kerstein, Marissa Krolewski, Tabitha Liversidge, Claire McGregor, Meghan O’Hare, Lara Park, Erica Toedt, Cara Willis, Kristina Wright

String me Free

if society fits you comfortably enough, you call it freedom. - Robert Frost

Choreographer: Marissa Manzare Krolewski

Music: “The World is Gone” and “Circle of Sorrow” by Various Production

Dancers: Julia Harding, Carrie Kerstein, Lori LoTurco, Claire McGregor, Meghan O’Hare, Lara Park, Danielle Stanford, Erica Toedt, Cara Willis

Light, Darkness

Choreography: Julia Harding

Music: “How it Ends” by DeVotchka

Dancers: Courtney Grassia, Marissa Manzare Krolewski, Meghan O’Hare, Kat Pantos, Nicole Pavone, Danielle Stanford, Erica Toedt, Cara Willis

Combined as the Crowd

Choreography: Carrie Kerstein

Music: “15 Step” by Radiohead

Dancers: Kate Cook, Carolyn Dumser, Tabitha Liversidge, Lara Park, Kristina Wright

Where is your will to be weird?

Choreography: Kat Pantos

Music: “People Are Strange” by Trans-Sylvanian Orchestra

Dancers: Jennifer Fo, Betsi Graves, Tabitha Liversidge, Erica Toedt


Choreography: Betsi Graves

Music: “Eart Zoom (In)” by Carter Burwell

Dancers: Jon Arpino, Peter Mills, Nicole Pavone with Company

Cage Free” (2009)

Choreography by Betsi Graves, with collaboration from dancers and Lea D’Arminio

First Movement: Expecting Different Results

Second Movement: Vulner-Ability

Third Movement: Façades

Fourth Movement: In-Dependence

Fifth Movement: Moving Boulders

Sixth Movement: Apart/A Part

Seventh Movement: Saving We

Music: Dario Marianelli

Dancers: Betsi Graves, Becky Anderson, Kate Patten Cook, Joseph DiDonato, Carolyn Dumser, Whitney Hoke, Lori LoTurco, Meghan O’Hare, Kat Pantos, Cara Saudelli, Erica Toedt

“Urban Avia-Shun and Flying Objects: Transcending the Cage” (2009)

Promotional Video Trailer

Urban Avia-Shun Choreography Excerpts

The Windy City” (2009)

Choreography by Kate Patten Cook

Dancers: Betsi Graves, Becky Anderson, Kate Patten Cook, Nicki DeVicci, Carolyn Dumser, Julia Harding, Whitney Hoke, Carrie Kerstein, Meghan O’Hare, Kat Pantos, Katie Rutledge and Mary Wroth

Music: Sufjan Stevens

Nucleic” (2009)

Choreography by Marissa Manzare Krolewski

Music: Massive Attack

Dancers: Betsi Graves Akerstein, Karen Carberry, Kelli Carberry, Julia Harding, Lauren Haskell, Whitney Hoke, Lori LoTurco, Kat Pantos, Cara Saudelli, Mila Thigpen, Mary Wroth

Bones and Skin” (2009)

Choreography by KK Apple

Dancer: KK Apple

Music: Sufjan Stevens   

La Belle et Le Bad Boy” (2009)

Choreography by Kate Patten Cook and Carolyn Dumser

Dancers: Kate Patten Cook, Nicki DeVicci, Carolyn Dumser, Carrie Kerstein, Kara McCann, Katie Rutledge

Music: MC Solaar

Costume: Pan Lei

Misty Mountain” (2009)

Choreography by Betsi Graves, with dancer collaboration

Dancers: Betsi Graves, Becky Anderson, Michelle Costello, Carolyn Dumser, Whitney Hoke, Kat Pantos, Erica Toedt

Music: Ferron

Costume: Kelly Higgins

Little Bird” (2009)

Choreography by Julia Harding

Dancers: Kate Patten Cook, Kendra Heithoff, Meghan O’Hare

Music: Jewel

Costume: Pam Harding

AviaPhobia” (2009)

Choreography by Mila Thigpen

Dancers: Lauren Haskell, Julia Harding, Marissa Krowleski, Mila Thigpen

Music: Daniel Bernard Rourmain

Costume: Linda Elaz

Broken Wings” (2009)

Choreography by Betsi Graves and Kara McCann

Dancer: Kara McCann

Music: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Costume: Linda Elaz

“Inversion” (2009)

Choreography by Betsi Graves

Dancers: Becky Anderson, Kate Patten Cook, Whitney Hoke, Meghan O’Hare, Kathleen Pantos with Claire McGregor

Music: “Diables” and “Jungle Birds” by Guy Dubuk and William C Harrington   

‘Inversion’ made possible through funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council

High Wiring” (2009)

Choreography by KK Apple

Dancers: KK Apple, Jen Fo, Julia Harding, Cate Prefontaine, Michelle Tebsherany

Music: CocoRosie

Such Great Heights” (2006)

Choreography by Kate Patten Cook

Dancers: Kate Patten Cook, Nicki DeVicci, Carolyn Dumser, Lauren Haskell, Carrie Kerstein, Marissa Krolewski, Katie Rutledge

Music: The Postal Service

“Taking Flight” (2009)

Choreography by Betsi Graves

Dancers: Betsi Graves, Becky Anderson, Jonathan Arpino, Kate Patten Cook, Michelle Costello, Joseph DiDonato, Carolyn Dumser, Jennifer Fo, Julia Harding, Lauren Haskell, Kendra Heithoff, Whitney Hoke, Carrie Kerstein, Marissa Krolewski, Meghan O’Hare, Kathleen Pantos, Erica Toedt

Music: Seal

“Undefined” (2008)

Choreography by KK Apple and Lea D’Arminio

Dancers: KK Apple, Kate Patten Cook, Lea D’Arminio, Betsi Graves, Brie Mills, Robin Skory

Music: composed by Clint Mansell; performed by the Kronos Quartet


“Still Emancipating” (2008)

Choreography by Betsi Graves

Dancers: KK Apple, Kate Patten Cook, Lea D’Arminio, Carolyn Dumser, Betsi Graves, Julia Harding, Marissa Krolewski, Brie Mills, Amanda O’Flaherty, Meghan O’Hare, Robin Skory, Mila Thigpen


Tori Amos, The Granary Girls, Tuck & Patti, H.P.P., Mambayaga Project, The Rhythm & The Cadence, Christopher Young, Deva Premal


“Must Get Out of This” – Danced by Betsi Graves
“Distinctly Beautiful” – Danced by Julia Harding, Marissa Krolewski, Amanda O’Flaherty (May), Mila Thigpen
“Women at Work” – Danced by Kate Patten Cook, Brie Mills
“HSN, Aisle 3” – Danced by KK Apple (June), Amanda O’Flaherty (May)
“FemBots” – Danced by Kate Patten Cook, Julia Harding, Marissa Krolewski, Brie Mills, Mila Thigpen
“SleepWalkers” – Danced by Lea D’Arminio (June), Carolyn Dumser (May), Betsi Graves (June), Amanda O’Flaherty (May), Meghan O’Hare, Robin Skory
“Oral” – Danced by Robin Skory

“What Women Mean” – Danced with improvisation by KK Apple (August)
“Estranged Angels” – Danced by Carolyn Dumser, Meghan O’Hare

“The Awakening” – Danced by KK Apple (June), Julia Harding, Marissa Krolewski, Amanda O’Flaherty (May), Mila Thigpen
“Om Asatoma” (For Personal, Community, Eternal Peace)– Danced by Kate Patten Cook, Carolyn Dumser (May), Betsi Graves (June), Brie Mills, Meghan O’Hare, Robin Skory

“Still Emancipating”, choreographed by Betsi Graves, is a 20-minute collection of ten vignettes which premiered in 2008 as part of the Emerging Artists Concert Series.  Mentors for this project included Nicole Pierce of EgoArt, Inc. and David Parker of The Bang Group.



Urbanity Dance exists to inspire, engage, and empower individuals and communities through the art of dance and movement.